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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss
Happy Friday?

Mask Up!
No matter where you are, it is more important that you remain healthy, and help others to remain healthy, but being careful and follow mitigation measures. Are we virologists, immunologists, or epidemiologists?
No, No, and No.
However, you too can easily assess the current state of The Pandemic by looking at a major change in policy (say your locality lifts mask requirements and waiting for about 45 days to see how that turned out. Alternately, you can look at test positivity, hospitalizations, and case fatalities in your area today, and then look back 45 days into the past to see what may be contributing to any big change in the state of your locality.
In Las Vegas, where Dan is based, the picture has been fairly clear. May 15 mitigation measures were reduced (to 80% occupancy from 50%, for example, and come June 1, all mask requirements for vaccinated individuals were lifted. There was no requirement put in place to require proof of vaccination, and thus tourism in Las Vegas returned to very high levels, with maskless revelry, the grand opening of Resort World, continued celebration at Circa on Fremont Street, and of course the sizable celebration of the return to normal over the Independance Day Weekend (July 4 give or take).
The charts tell you what you want to know.. 45 days from May 15 was just about July 1, 2021, and the rest is a matter of visual inspection.
NEW: Cases over 1,300 again as test positivity rate pauses; 12 deaths reported | KLAS
Make no mistake, a pause is meaningless, despite optimistic language used by this very local news outlet for any down trend, the chart and data literally paint the picture.
Dan has been posting updates since May 17, 2021 on a single Twitter thread, focused on Clark County (where he and Las Vegas are), please do check your locality, and make your decisions based on data, not your social media feed or talking heads. Your agenda is your own health and the health of your friends, family, and people around you. (This link below is to a single Twitter post in a thread stretching back to May 17, 2021, and continuing into the future, check back!):
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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss

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