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Hugo Floss Weekend Newsletter - Issue #8

Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss
Come on down!

Does your home give you a headache?
This is not a question about the design of your kitchen or bathroom (Nancy has you covered with her Home Design Chat with Nancy podcast), but rather, about living in your home, which is supposed to be about and your comfort (and that of your family, if applicable). Does it work?
We’ve talked about the CasaNunzia project on a few episodes of the Hugo Floss podcast, and as you may know this project is aimed at assistive technologies and designs and how they actually work for people who need them, and whether those would yield better results if they were designed with the people who need them. This is called co-creation and brings users of products and services together with the people implementing those products and services, early in the process so that there are fewer headaches when people actually use the product or service when it becomes available.
So, if we keep it simple, are you using something in your home, whether it’s a product like a smart speaker or a kitchen gadget or whatever else you have around you, or a service like package delivery or a home security system with external monitoring… the list of possibilities is long but in the end the question is simple: Do these things work for you, or against you?
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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss

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