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Hugo Floss Weekend Newsletter - Issue #7

Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss
The coffee problems are real

We must discuss The Coffee Situation
Our next episode will most definitely include a discussion of the ongoing emergency that is Nancy’s coffee production pipeline. The coffee machine on the kitchen counter today (if it’s still there by the time you read this) is not cutting it, and while we’ll hear more about this during the episode, suffice to say that when more coffee ends up on that kitchen counter than does in your cup, there is a problem.
This seems like as good a time as any to insert a little reminder, that you can help out Nancy and her quest for a better setup, if you wander over to this Buy Me a Coffee profile and then remind Nancy to fill in some of the details, especially if you want to add to the New Grinder Fund…
(This is not to say that a coffee mess is the most pressing problem we face in the world, but certainly it’s the most pressing problem in Nancy’s kitchen…)
Did you get yours vaccination?
May was when we started seeing the mitigation efforts relaxed around the United States, and now that we’re into July we’re starting to see some numbers going in the wrong direction. Dan lives in Las Vegas, and the whole state of Nevada is now looking for Federal Aid now that hospitalizations and test positivity rates are rising (along with tourism and maskless crowds, with full support of local business!). It’s a real head shaker.
Nevada seeks federal help as COVID-19 cases rise, Delta variant spreads | KLAS
That’s right, America’s most popular destination city is kicking off the real summer celebrations while also sending more people to the hospital and worse. Preventable? Get your shots, stay healthy, stay safe.
Got Calendar?
Do you ever arrange a meeting or make an appointment or maybe you just to remember to return your library books by the due date… and you forget?
A whole lot of people carry around a super computer in their pocket or purse or wherever, and there is ubiquitous access to calendars, along with a well-accepted protocol for sharing invites, accepting them, updating them, and receiving reminders and notifications about them. So what gives?
Do you eschew the modern high-tech calendar?
Be Our Guest
Would you like to join in the discussion? We usually record our episodes weekly on Sunday 11am MST, but since we publish our pre-recorded shows on Mondays (typically), we can record a guest segment or an entire episode any time before then… so what are you waiting for?
A quick email letting us know when you’re available and what you’d like to talk about (the constraints are few) gets the ball rolling. As of today we’ve been using Zoom to record the show, but we don’t use the video portion at this time… so come as you are, drink some tea and let’s chat!
Support the Show!
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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss

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