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Hugo Floss Weekend Newsletter - Issue #5

Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss
Hot enough for ya?

The Return of Summer
Just in time for the official beginning of summer, if maybe a few days early, it is dang hot out there for some. Be sure and stay hydrated, and if you’re staying indoors anyway, why not listen to some podcasts and read some newsletters?
CasaNunzia Update
A loosely-organized pre-founding meetup of sorts in the Glendale/Peoria area (Phoenix West) in AZ to ponder next steps. We have mentioned this in several episodes of the Hugo Floss podcast, but here’s the ten-cent tour by way of the current draft of the Mission Statement:
We shall endeavor to enable and encourage ideation, innovation, and implementation of technologies, products, and best practices across industries through collaboration and communication, the results of which shall benefit people who need assistive technologies and services, with such advancements and improvements, and by extension benefiting all users of such things.
We may adjust that a bit, and we’ve got a logo and some other tiny items to sort out before the filing of paperwork commences. This will almost certainly be a topic for the next episode or two of the Hugo Floss podcast…
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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss

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