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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss
Get Mental!

Inspired by a solid YouTube channel
As we’ve mentioned during previous episodes, the Hugo Floss podcast name has a few angles to it, one being inspiration by the Mental Floss channel on YouTube. Much respect to their staff of editors, researchers, producers, and whomever else is involved with the channel, they’re always fun and informative. Case in point:
20 Random Facts You Need To Know
20 Random Facts You Need To Know
They go back a good long time (2 decades?!?) with this a recent video from about August 4 or so. Check them out, then listen to our podcast and join in on an episode to talk about your own favorite facts! We’ve still got 19 years to go before we reach these lofty levels.
Self-hosting News
The website, which will provide not only self-hosted show notes and other interesting tidbits, but also direct pointers to our podcast channel feed (and maybe feeds in the future?), is on deck. We want to have flexibility with what we present to you and how, and in this world where everybody hands their brand and content over to big social media platforms, we’re taking it back and owning it!
Why has it taken so long?
Well, a huge number of websites today are powered by WordPress, which is almost as much a problem as is handing everything over to the likes of Facebook and Instagram (wait, though are the same company) and others. Since half of the Hugo Floss co-hosting team is a software architect, of course there’s a bit of NIH syndrome at play, and add to it the fact that both of your hosts are busy with their day gigs!
Will having a native website to host our own content make a difference to you? It will make a difference to us, somewhat, but mostly it’s about being found and controlling our internet presence, and how you as listeners and readers (subscribers?) interact with our website and other stuff is the key concern. We can publish content all day, won’t matter if nobody finds it.
So as part of a larger software development effort, kicking off our own web presence has simply been on the ever-growing to-do list for a while, and we’re finally getting to that page of it.
Support the Show!
Do you listen in on the Hugo Floss podcast and find yourself wanting to chime in? Bring your topic(s) to the show, let’s chat!
As we continue to grow the Hugo Floss podcast, we are always happy to learn that more people are listening, subscribing to the Show Notes Newsletter and this Weekend Newsletter, and maybe even thinking about joining in the discussion. That’s what makes it fun!
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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss

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