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The Milkman's Missive - Issue #2

The Milkman's Missive
The penultimate episode of season one, The Cow, is out now!

What's Next
Well, the time has come: the first season of the Milkman of St. Gaff’s is coming to a close. The final episode will be out on Friday, November 6. After that, I’ll be taking a hiatus to sketch out the second season. 
 You can expect the second to start in mid-January. However, in between there will be a couple of interlude episodes. That should answer some important questions and offer a fresh perspective on what’s really going on. I’ve also commissioned some digital artwork from a fantastic artist and I’m very excited to share this with patrons when it’s done in a few weeks.
I will also be continuing with Once Out of Nature, the patron-only podcast.
Inspirations: Our Town by Thornton Wilder
Here’s a confession. I came up with the world of St. Gaff’s way before I had thought of Howie. I initially wrote Once out of Nature as a screenplay. In it Howie was just a minor character. It wasn’t until I started thinking of a fiction podcast as a spin-off of Once out of Nature that Howie morphed into the character he is now.
One of my inspirations forSt. Gaff’s and its characters was the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder. This, I’ve heard, is a play that’s often put on in U.S. high schools (I’m Canadian, so I’m taking this at face value). That’s likely because the play is widely seen as a celebration of the wholesome values of life in small town America. 
In fact, though, the play is a scathing attack on small town life. The sneakiness of Wilder’s attack really appealed to me. The play is, moreover, a profound meditation on the meaning of life. There is also a milkman in the story. And his name is Howie.
If you’re interested here’s a longer take on why Our Town is actually a ruthless critique of small town life.
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Christopher Scott McClure
Christopher Scott McClure

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