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The Journey Should Last.

Journey has to last
Journey has to last
Are you scared of the depth of the ocean?
OR the darkness inside?
Doesn’t the idea of journey to explore the secrets help you Ignite?
The vehicle is waiting for its rider to fight.
Its an opportunity or a responsibility, We don’t have to decide
Have fun while the journey lasts..
No one knows, where its going
So maybe its useless to fight.
Why not ride along
And have some delight
Is going to be long ?
I don’t have to finish right?
The day that never was
Has come again to tell you
That you are a little better then yesterday
You really think, its true And you are always right ?
Some of the Questions You have asked
Have certainly been right.
Now Don’t go on defining the right
It may be write rite or wright.
Have fun, its all that matters
Its the thing that flies so fast in the past
Or its just negative energy flying past.
Your Minimalist may vary.
But the journey should last.
Questions Are Fun
And Nothing Else Matterzzzzzz

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Journey has to last
Journey has to last @hov8a

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