How Justin Welsh made $1.3M as a one-man band





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Welcome to our next issue of Building Consistency with Honā.
Each Monday, we share stories of inspiring people who found success by leveraging the power of consistency.
Today we’ll be sharing the story of Justin Welsh.

Justin's Story
Justin is a solopreneur known as “The Diversified Entrepreneur.” He helps build one-person businesses to $5M in revenue, and shares his processes via threads on Twitter.
His initial traction, however, came through LinkedIn. After being burn out by his 9-5, he sought a different path and found an opportunity there to grow his personal brand.
It was at a time when his friends were only just starting to treat LinkedIn like other social media platforms, versus what most were typically used to using it for: a resume/CV with occasional platitudes and professional pleasantries.
Justin spent a minimum of 6 months posting useful posts, non-stop, every day, on LinkedIn alone.
Fast forward a bit, and he eventually amassed over 129K followers.
As of late 2021, he reported earning $1.3M in revenue, just as a one-man band. It took him 810 days, zero paid ads, and a 98% margin 🤯
Consistency is something he definitely attests his success to.
👉 Learn more about his story here, or check out his blog here.
Key Takeaways
Justin proves that consistency is key to success, especially when you choose just one channel to begin with.
Here’s a specific tip from Justin, which you can apply today:
  • Pick a really specific sub-niche. Why is this post relevant?
  • Lead with a scroll-stopping first line. Why should I stop scrolling?
  • Pique their curiosity with a “hook line”. Why should I click ‘see more’?
  • Teach. Take someone from point A to point B quickly. What am I learning?
  • Recap with your last line to make engagement easy. What should I say about this post?
  • Carve out 60 minutes to engage with every comment. Why should I come back tomorrow?
Do this each day and watch your audience grow rapidly.
Quote of the Week
Justin Welsh
Success is often the result of boring consistency applied to the right things.
Looking to improve your own consistency muscles? Got a goal or habit you’ve been procrastinating on? Check out Honā today.
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