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Home Screen - The Internet Scavenger Hunt

Home Screen
Home Screen - The Internet Scavenger Hunt
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Good morning sports fans,
Today’s newsletter is a bit different: we’re going on an internet scavenger hunt. It’s a mix of trivia, wild Google search goose chases, and some actual web scavenging.
Below, you will find a contest with 20 challenges that will send you around the internet searching for answers. The first person to respond to this newsletter with a correct response to every challenge will win $100 from me, personally, delivered to your PayPal or Venmo account.
I will announce when someone has won by tweeting from my Twitter account @chillmage, and will reply to the winner directly.
Now, before we begin, here’s some legal stuff:
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. Contest begins at 10 AM ET on Wednesday, May 13 and ends at 10 AM ET on Wednesday, May 20. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C., who are of legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence, have access to the internet, a valid email address, and a valid Paypal or Venmo account. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. The Contest is subject to Official Rules and additional eligibility restrictions apply. See Sponsor Privacy Policy for privacy information. The full Official Rules, which govern, can be viewed by clicking the following link: Official Rules.
Sponsor: Vox Media, LLC, 1201 Connecticut Ave., 11th Floor, Washington DC 20036.

🔑 Major Key
Most items in the scavenger hunt have a single correct answer.
However, items marked Open Ended have many answers, and any answer will be accepted as long as it meets the stated criteria.
Cool? Cool.
🏁 The Home Screen Internet Scavenger Hunt
Friends, start your browser engines.
1: I spy some blue, some red, and some green; a bit of luck, and a box in-between. What is the URL of the website I am looking at?
2: On the front page of the internet, what is the name of the community where the fun begins?
3: In Decorah, Iowa, three young streamers are getting their start on YouTube. They all live in the same house. What species are they?
4: View the source at the source of the World Wide Web. What is the <title>?
5: (Open Ended) Find a link to an illustration of a cat that was published in the 19th century. The webpage must include the image, the illustration’s publish date, artist name, and publication name.
6: Which state does California go hang out with at the end of ze world?
7: At $1 per pixel, this classic homepage is worth how many dollars?
8: (Open Ended) Provide a link to a website that was established in 1993. It must still be active on the web today, but it’s okay if the design has changed since then.
9: It’s currently the most expensive item being sold on Etsy. What is it?
10: It’s a list. Of lists. Of more lists. What’s #11 on this list?
11: See the man pictured below. What is the city, state, and ZIP code where his PO Box is located?
Have you seen this dude?
Have you seen this dude?
12: Who is the best kid to make fun of, according to the webpage of 15-year-old Mark Zuckerberg?
13: This YouTube channel exerts a lot of pressure. What did it crush at 0m40s on January 15th, 2017?
14: Somehow the website for this 1996 animated movie is still online. What’s the first section listed on its Site Map page?
15: In its terms of service, Apple says you may not use an iPod for “development, design, manufacture or production” of which four things?
16: The establishment pictured below is located within 10 miles of these coordinates:
37°18'08.3"N 76°37'42.0"W
What is its name?
The establishment in question
The establishment in question
17: This green sea turtle, an 18-inch juvenile weighing 32.3 lbs, is currently being tracked. What is her name? (Optional: where is she right now?)
18: (Open Ended) Find a user profile for someone who has created more than 20,000 posts on an internet forum. Provide a link to their profile.
19: It’s a famous ship with a silly name, but it’s not the only one. Another water vessel with the same first name also also flies the Union Jack. Attach or link to a picture of the less-famous boat.
20: (Open Ended) Provide a link to your favorite place on the internet. In one sentence, tell me why it matters to you.
👏 Good Luck!
You have one week to solve all 20 challenges.
We’ll be back on Friday with the normal version of this newsletter, and next Friday we’ll provide the correct answers after the contest ends.
I’m cheering for you!
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