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Home Screen - Hi-fi Handclaps To Get Pumped To

Home Screen
Home Screen - Hi-fi Handclaps To Get Pumped To
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Hello friends,
Sorry for the unexpected hiatus last week, but we’re back! I hope you had a nice weekend. I went to the beach. It was windy.

💒 Bible Study
Another thing I did this weekend was go back through the entire archive of The Perry Bible Fellowship, my favorite comic of all time, second only to Calvin & Hobbes.
PBF is subversive, clever, and sometimes rowdy. It’s often dark and sweet in equal measure. Here’s one of my favorite panels ever drawn:
👏 Fancy Claps
My wonderful colleague Marie tweeted something that caught my eye recently:
marie connelly
if you need a bit of a boost right now, you might enjoy my playlist of 500+ songs that have handclaps in them:
I clicked the link to check, and this is indeed a playlist of more than 500 songs with handclaps in them. I decided this was a challenge and pored over the list to see if there was a song missing. I’m proud to say I was able to diagnose a handclap shortage, and successfully submitted H.S.K.T. by Sylvan Esso for consideration.
Marie has been working on this playlist for seven years. I asked her about it:
Years ago, I asked Twitter for music recommendations and a friend asked what kind of music I liked. I thought about the songs I’d been listening to on repeat and realized the answer was “anything with handclaps.” That was around the time Spotify launched in the US, so I realized a few months later I could just make a playlist. It’s beyond mundane now, but it felt pretty incredible then, to just be able to find all these songs, collect them, and share them so easily? I use to tape songs off the radio to make mixtapes.
Once you start listening for handclaps, they’re everywhere, so it’s been a fun audio scavenger hunt to build out the playlist. Recommendations welcome!
(Marie offered this comment with one condition:)
Just tell people I refuse to put Jack and Diane on there.
🔉 Low-fi Chaser
When you get through 500+ handclaps, my Verge colleague Julia has an update for you on YouTube’s booming low-fi hip-hop community. (I happen to be listening to the classic as I write this newsletter, ChilledCow’s lowfi hip hop radio.)
Julia says:
YouTube’s lo-fi hip-hop community has for years offered a place to virtually gather, do homework, and find comfort in the random messages of strangers that populate in live chats. Now, as we’re all stuck inside due to the pandemic, those streams have become more popular than ever — not just as background music, but as ways to find community in a difficult time.
Check out Julia’s story to visit some of the other popular channels.
🏠 Welcome Home
Thank you again to everyone inviting me into their homes! This is my favorite part of the newsletter each week.
Today we’ve got a couple of extremely nerdy setups. I love them.
First, we’ve got a monster from Will, a senior specialist at a bank who works on enterprise-y stuff like SharePoint.
Oh my.
“Does any of [my work] require a glorious Razer eGPU and mechanical keyboard connected to a Macbook Pro?” Will asks. “No, no it does not.”
“This has been my personal Mac gaming setup and I’m not moving it just because I have to work from home now. When I’m working, Macbook closed, work laptop put on top. When I’m done, banish the ugly work laptop and open the Macbook up again. Nice way to separate work and play!”
Next, we’ve got an even crunchier setup from Hannah, an engineering student in Florida finishing up a senior design project.
“I have a very hectic work station,” Hannah tells me. “The school let me borrow the lab equipment.”
“It’s my kitchen table, so finding a spot to eat is fun.”
Finally, here’s a humble situation from Niels, who seems a little riled up about previous entrants to the Welcome Home segment of this newsletter.
“All of those clean desks and tight setups: Fake!”
“This is what it should look like,” Niels says. “My girlfriend created a standing desk by using a camping table on top of our dining table. I’m sitting on the other side with my small laptop screen. Stuff everywhere.”
🌊 Return To The Sea From Whence You Came
And now, your moment of zen.
That’s all for now. See you Wednesday.
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