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Home Screen - Deep Forums

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Home Screen - Deep Forums
By The Verge • Issue #9 • View online
I think my favorite bit of internal jargon from my time at The Verge is “deep forums.” I don’t even remember where the term came from at this point; I only know what it means.
You’re doing deep forums when you post in a super niche forum, or when you dive down a rabbit hole seeking information about a particular topic. I love deep forums; they’ve helped me with everything from learning how the intermediate shaft bearing in my vintage car might explode, to figuring out how to create maps for Counter-Strike in Valve’s Hammer level editor. For any given topic in the world, there’s a deep forum where obsessive and knowledgeable people are talking.
Part of what makes a forum “deep” is its obscurity. A deep forum is sort of like the deep web: something off the beaten path of the first few pages of Google Search results. Here are some telltale signs of a deep forum:
  • Some users have tens of thousands of posts
  • There’s a pinned years-old thread devoted to canonical information to prevent people from repeating common questions
  • It’s using an outdated version of vBulletin
  • People are having petty arguments about esoteric things, usually in what seems like an alien language
Do you have a favorite deep forum? Let me know:, or tweet at me.

🐶 Gourmet Dogfooding
It’s a tough time, and I’m really proud of my colleagues for all of the great work they’ve done during the pandemic. So I’m going to share some of the highlights of The Verge from the past few weeks.
Bijan has a pretty comprehensive beginner’s guide to streaming if you’re interested in sharing your screen with the world.
Feeling hot or cold? Don’t worry. Verge Science and friends looked into why 98.6 degrees isn’t the body temperature you should expect.
Finally, Julia tried to crash a VIP area in a Minecraft concert.
📠 Buy it, Use it, Break it, Fix it, Trash it, Change it, Mail, Upgrade it, Charge it, Point it, Zoom it, Press it, Snap it, Work it, Quick, Erase it
Miss the sounds of your office? The Kids Creative Agency has a cute little website called “I Miss The Office” that lets you simulate the familiar ambiance of productivity. Simply decide how many colleagues you want stinkin’ up the joint, and then watch them zoom around making all kinds of noise. Click here to imagine.
🌐 World Building
One of my favorite hobbies (and now, arguably, professions) is building worlds. When I first started playing Dungeons & Dragons years ago I instantly cast aside the readymade narratives to start building my own complex cast of characters and locations. It quickly turned into a serious arts & crafts project; I started creating huge handmade maps and even sent my players invitations to the game by leaving wax-sealed letters on their desks at work. So, yeah, I love some good world building.
Which brings me to Perils of the Overworld, a game being developed by author Robin Sloan.
Robin has a lovely game development blog up that goes into great detail about building a world from scratch. If you’re curious how the roleplaying sausage is made, give it a read.
🎀 Ripley
This is just a photo of my cat. His name is Ripley. Say hi to Ripley.
👜 Bag O' Links
I don’t have any organizing principle for these links, I just think you might like them.
Is this a sandwich? Well, is it?
Fenway Park’s Organist is creating his own season of baseball at home.
Steve is sharpening knives for free. He’s bored. Please give Steve something to do.
Alayna Cole
This sign in my building has great energy and I can’t stop thinking about it.
🏠 Welcome Home
I’m running out of entries! Send me more!
Today we have greetings from Christopher in Hamburg, Germany. “On Easter weekend we made plans to set up another working space in our living room,” Christopher says. “Tonight we picked up the desk at IKEA (fortunately they offer a pretty streamlined pick up for online orders), and decided to share the result.”
Thank you, Christopher!
👋 See You Soon
That’s it for now, friends. See you on Friday.
- tc
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