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A love letter to your inbox from the internet, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Home Screen - Sim Cities

It's a three-day weekend for many, which is an opportunity to enjoy the warm glow of the computer screen.If you need something to put on that screen, there's a crazy good deal happening on the Epic Games Store: Civilization 6 is now free through 11 AM ET on M…


Home Screen - Responsible Cat Behavior

Given enough time, monkeys could theoretically place themselves among humanity's greatest artists. Russell Goldenberg and Amber Thomas at The Pudding set out to prove this theory by having virtual monkeys bang on a piano to recreate riffs from famous songs.Th…


Home Screen - The Internet Scavenger Hunt

Most items in the scavenger hunt have a single correct answer.However, items marked Open Ended have many answers, and any answer will be accepted as long as it meets the stated criteria.Cool? Cool.


Home Screen - Is this the real life? Is this just phantasy?

This item in today's newsletter is enough to get you all the way to Tuesday.Websites rise and fall, but some linger on like moments of internet culture trapped in amber. Something Awful — a pillar of the 2000s internet — is still pumping out a lot of the same…


Home Screen - Hi-fi Handclaps To Get Pumped To

Another thing I did this weekend was go back through the entire archive of The Perry Bible Fellowship, my favorite comic of all time, second only to Calvin & Hobbes.PBF is subversive, clever, and sometimes rowdy. It's often dark and sweet in equal measure…


Home Screen - Deep Forums

It's a tough time, and I'm really proud of my colleagues for all of the great work they've done during the pandemic. So I'm going to share some of the highlights of The Verge from the past few weeks.Ashley went inside the cutthroat world of Animal Crossing tu…


Home Screen - UwU

Cats have always been a risk factor to human systems, but now that even more of us are working from home, their attack surface has dramatically widened.


Home Screen - Flotador Inflable De Perezoso

Hey Cleveland... u ok?


Home Screen - Another Day At The Paperclip Factory

Welcome to another week indoors. If you need help remembering which day it is, my colleague Chaim Gartenberg has a handy new Twitter account for you.


Home Screen - Hard Pants

It all started with this tweet from David Mack on March 26th, which was approximately 80 years ago.


Home Screen - Games You Can't Play

My calendar is blocked out for two weeks each year in anticipation of Games Done Quick: a twice-yearly speedrunning marathon that brings people from around the world together who are really good at video games. (For the uninitiated: "speedrunning" is when you…


Home Screen - Treasure Mountain!

Good morning! Your boss probably can't see your screen while you're working from home, which means you have my permission to ignore those spreadsheets and play video games. Today's newsletter is all about some of my favorite childhood games. I always loved th…


Home Screen - baked by electricity!

So a thing about me: I love Triscuits. I'm not a hoarder, but my 2020 pandemic survival shelf has about eight boxes. I've been eating them for years. But here's something I never knew, and never bothered to ask: what the hell does "Triscuit" mean?Sage Boggs d…


Welcome to Home Screen

I’ll be filling this newsletter with new stuff I see online and internet classics that I can remember. But I also want a big part of it to be a conversation with readers. (That’s y’all.) If there’s something you love that you see online, whether it’s a fun we…