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Marginalia - Issue #11

The Doppler effect happens with light as well as sound. Oona Chaplin (Rob Stark's wife on Game of Th


July 14 · Issue #11 · View online
Five unverified facts that inspired me to circle them or write them down + weekly highlights from Holy Fool Productions.

The Doppler effect happens with light as well as sound.

Oona Chaplin (Rob Stark’s wife on Game of Thrones) is the granddaughter of Oona & Charlie Chaplin, as well as the great-granddaughter of Eugene O'Neill.

Hualong Dianjing - A phrase used in Chinese painting which roughly translates to “dot the dragon’s eye, and it comes to life.” It refers to the need for including the key detail in a painting. When the painter takes time to dot the center of the dragon’s eye with the tip of the brush, the dragon seems to gain the ability to see; it comes alive on the canvas. The phrase also speaks to the need for including the right details. A painter can brocade the dragon’s tail with intricate scales of many sizes and hues, but without the dot in the eye the dragon will remain dead on the canvas.

The Python coding language is named after Monty Python.

“Coming joys, like tropical shores, throw over the immensity before them their inborn softness, an odorous wind, and we are lulled by this intoxication without a thought of the horizon that we do not even know.” — Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

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