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The Next Six Weeks

Holden The Page
The Next Six Weeks
By Holden Page • Issue #4 • View online
Morning folks,
It’s been a while! While you may have forgotten about me (which is appropriate given my cadence), my anxiety has not allowed me to forget about y'all. I kid, mostly. I genuinely yearn for a place to write that is solely mine, but I just keep sucking at it. So here’s an abbreviated version of my life since my last newsletter:
  1. I moved to MN from Oregon. Yay, my wife and I did it. But omg, we did it. Here’s the thing: I have no friends here. I mean, I did once. But I moved to Oregon for six years, and people change (or I changed). So now I have to make a concerted effort to make friends again, and probably sooner rather than later. As a remote employee, the depression can seep in quick. So we’ll see how things go on the friend-making front in a few months.
  2. Kidney stones are bad. Two months ago an emergency room doctor reported I have “numerous kidney stones.” No exact number was given by the radiologist, which I presume is not ideal. I even double checked the CT notes to see if a real number was given. Nope. Just a direct quote. Anyways, drink more water. Shit’s painful and morphine, while fun in the moment, is a good way to throw up for hours.
  3. I got a promotion. I am the managing editor of Crunchbase News, which is a pretty solid bump up from my former title of copy editor. Now I have more meetings and HR responsibilities. It’s getting more real these days.
Those are the highlights of the past. So what’s the big deal about the next six weeks?

Do You Like To Travel With A Tube IN You?
Last week, I was in San Francisco doing San Francisco things, like getting lost on a moped and making one of my coworkers find me.
In two weeks, I will be in San Francisco again for a round of strategy/planning meetings. Then a week after that I will be flying to Rhode Island to attend Alex’s wedding.
For some, this isn’t too much flying. But what makes it pro level (for me) is that, in between my trips, I will also be going into the hospital for a minor surgery to break up a 5 mm kidney stone. As a result, my trip to Rhode Island will also include a tube placed between my kidney and bladder. I wonder if it will show up on the airport x-ray machine? Who knows.
Regardless, I am not sure how to feel about any of this. Getting older is getting weirder.
However, life is short and, at most, this all is just kind of uncomfortable. So here’s my plan:
  • Be nice to myself.
  • Be nice to myself.
  • Be nice to myself.
By typing the above three times, maybe I will actually listen and “be nice to myself.” I just need to not beat myself up y'all. To do that, I have to recognize that flying across the country twice, being a part of planning my company’s future, and having a tube reside in me all the while is, well, a lot. And I should expect some things to be dropped and hiccups to be had.
Other Stuff
Just because I am a manager doesn’t mean my day-to-day tasks have disappeared, and now my ability to stay organized and self-disciplined are hitting a bit of a breaking point. That isn’t ideal. To help with this, I am trying out this site call Boss As A Service.
Basically, you email them your tasks and they make sure you stay on top of them. I sent my first batch of tasks for the week today; I’ll keep y'all posted on the experiment.
Crunchbase News has also formally launched its freelance pitch program. If you know a good writer or three, and they like reporting on private money in tech, tell them to pitch me here.
Finally, I spent some time over the weekend working on a motorcycle. It’s a Honda Trail. There’s still some work to do on it, but I imagine I’ll be putzing around on it by mid-July.
"Will it start if I poke this thing?"
"Will it start if I poke this thing?"
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