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A Big Thank You To Savannah Dowling

Holden The Page
A Big Thank You To Savannah Dowling
By Holden Page • Issue #5 • View online
Publishing is a god damn grind. And that’s why it matters a whole hell of a lot you like the people grinding alongside you.
At Crunchbase News, I’m incredibly thankful that I work with people who I genuinely care for and appreciate immensely. (Seriously, you should follow them all and then try to hire them because they’re that great.)
And while it’s not a good manager move to say you have favorites, I will certainly say that Savannah Dowling, who is leaving Crunchbase News for Berkeley law school, has made quite the impression.
During her tenure with Crunchbase News, Savannah has written 276 articles totaling over 174,000 words—at least a couple of books worth on venture capital and startups.
Frankly, that alone is impressive. But while Savannah’s job title is reporter, she has accomplished much more than that.
Sav, day in and day out, took leadership on nearly everything related to publishing in the digital era. She shaped our editorial standards, navigated the depths of WordPress, created charts, trained our team on numerous tools, sent a weekend email newsletter without fail, wrote new hire documentation, and completed a myriad of other tasks that could be lumped into “shit that needs to get done to grow this thing” at the drop of a hat.
Her ability to get the job done, no matter how thankless the task, with kindness and poise, has impacted my life for the better immensely.
As a result of this work, her impact on Crunchbase News’s team culture will be felt for at least as long as I am around. And I am incredibly excited to see where she goes next.
In the meantime, I am very happy to call her a friend, and Savannah: Thank you for grinding with myself and the Crunchbase News team. I hope we get to do it again, and it’s bigger and better than before.


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