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Unemployment's Paying More Than a Job? - Hiring Made Human

Hiring Made Human
Unemployment's Paying More Than a Job? - Hiring Made Human
By ConnectedWell Talent Advisors • Issue #13 • View online
The world is better when humans do work they love! In a hub of insight, ideas, playbooks, and actionable tips, Hiring Made Human is working to put the Human back in Human Resources.
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Quick Hits:
  • Hiring an entry-level role? Good luck.
  • Let the Adventure (in career-design) begin!
  • Viewing the pandemic as a spiritual challenge
  • How to network well on LinkedIn (and not look like a noob doing it)
  • Is remote work here to stay… or not? Two articles share competing viewpoints

With Unemployment Benefits Now Exceeding Many Low-Wage Incomes, Finding Willing Workers is Becoming Harder Than Ever
Data shows states where unemployment can exceed low-wage incomes
Data shows states where unemployment can exceed low-wage incomes
It appears that nearly 70% of Americans on unemployment are earning more than they did in their pre-laid-off jobs. Some as much as 150% more. What does this mean for recruiting and the economic recovery?
Making recruiting entry-level workers even harder than it has been in the past, many people are finding their unemployment benefits outstripping the amounts of money they would have earned had they not been let go.
*How has your recruiting been affected by unemployment?
Let the Adventure Begin
I have a mug that says this on the side in cute, right-aligned, lower case serif letters:
let the
The alignment, the blatant disregard for conventional spacing, capital letters and punctuation give it a playfulness I love and I find makes my heart smile a little each time I read it.
In a small way, isn’t this what work could feel like, too? I can hear the voices of droning mall-store bosses lecturing well-rehearsed ted-talks on the merits of hard work and thats-whats-wrong-with-your-generation speeches, but aside from all of those sounds, let’s just ponder for a moment.
What if work actually did feel adventurous?
I think, if you look around at the people you admire in your field, the ones who make it look effortless, I think you will find one thing they have in common is, almost a sense of wonder that they get to do what they do and, perhaps, a sense of awe as if the things that seem to just “go right” for them, they never would have expected.
If you want to possess this same sense of wonder, today is the best day to begin this journey! Check out my blog if you’re wondering why RIGHT NOW is the best time to have an adventure:
Let the Adventure Begin | Ask Robert Merrill
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Think Strategically About Your Career Development
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