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Resources for People Leaders in the age of Covid-19 - People-First Leadership Issue #10

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Resources for People Leaders in the age of Covid-19 - People-First Leadership Issue #10
By ConnectedWell Talent Advisors • Issue #9 • View online
(People-first leaders, please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues, or point them here)
As the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads across the planet, companies and governments are taking extraordinary and unprecedented steps to help curb the grasp and effect of the virus both on spreading and on overwhelming our healthcare systems.
Never in known memory has the entire planet been so fixed and aligned on one thing.
This may truly be something for the ages. Something to look back on, and as people-first leaders, may be something that sparks a new global consciousness. 🤔 
How do you lead through and with this pandemic? Some are doing better than others, and the internet is quick to judge those who do well, and those who do not do so well.
If you don’t look into any of the other resources below, I would recommend all people-first leaders to bookmark this Google Doc crowdsourced from all over the world to include the best Coronavirus Resources and action plans available from some of the world’s best teams and minds. Just added, a new section titled “Alternatives to Layoffs” for companies trying to keep the lights on in more ways than one.
But first, a sobering reminder that all of us are going through unprecedented times. And some people’s homes are NOT safe! 😢 The more we can do to reach out, reach across, care and share, the more we will come closer together and help each other, not just ourselves.
If you know of COVID-19 resources, tools or information or guidance on how to help your people during this challenging time, please share them to or @me on TwitterLinkedIn or Medium.
Stay safe 😷,
Founder, Principal - ConnectedWell Talent Advisors

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