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People-First Leadership - Issue #3

Hiring Made Human
People-First Leadership - Issue #3
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September 11th was commemorated yesterday here in the US. It’s interesting how just a few years ago, people still stopped in the street at certain times of the day to commemorate the attacks. Now, its mentioned here and there, but not nearly with the same deference.
I know my parent’s lives were forever changed by events like hearing about JFK, Martin Luther King Jr or Robert Kennedy’s assassinations. Their parents lives were defined by things like Pearl Harbor and D-Day. And on and on.
I seemed to never fully appreciate the sense they had of those times when they would seem to say with some regret “our lives were changed from that day.”
Another somber day was recognized this week, World Suicide Prevention Day saw many people reflecting on their bouts with suicide as well as their reflections on it. Meanwhile, local (to me) Utah company launched CareWeek this week providing “proactive services for employees and their loved ones that are dealing with mental health and addiction challenges.” Also Artemis Health points out that “Employers can play a key role in suicide prevention” pointing company benefits teams to look into additional ways to help support employees.
Let it be a prediction that in the next 5-10 years, companies willingness to deeply invest in the mental health of their employees (and their loved ones) will be seen as a critical benefit, and that will enable recruiting, produce higher loyalty, less turnover, and higher productivity/revenues.
That’s what I saw this week… What are you seeing out there?
Founder, Principal - ConnectedWell Talent Advisors
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Founder, Principal - ConnectedWell Talent Advisors
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