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🎃 People-First Leadership - Halloween Issue 🎃

Hiring Made Human
🎃 People-First Leadership - Halloween Issue 🎃
By ConnectedWell Talent Advisors • Issue #7 • View online
👻 Let’s hope the ghouls haven’t taken over everything you’re working on today, Halloween in the United States! Many offices will be overrun with decorations, spooky costumes and even a spook alley or two. Elves and munchkins, witches and goblins will be seen extracting candy from desks through the day and going door to door into the night.
🍬 Here is a treat of a few lists of fun videos (watch Josh Sundquist’s if you do nothing else today) and some scary HR and Interview stories (do you have your own?) and then a more normal grouping of solid people-leadership articles I have curated recently.
I am including an article I wrote as well on how a 5-point scale in interview reviews can help reduce group-think and bias in interviewing if thoughtfully implemented. I know that, for some, a 4 vs 5 point scale in your interviews is quite the talking point. I’m curious where you land on this surprisingly hot-button issue.
🙀 I am always open to your feedback. Reach out, if you like, and please forward this email to those who might be interested!
Happy Halloween!
Founder, Principal - ConnectedWell Talent Advisors
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🍁 Autumn is here 🍂 - I took this photo on a recent walk. insta: @robertmerrill
🍁 Autumn is here 🍂 - I took this photo on a recent walk. insta: @robertmerrill
Scary Work Stories?
Where Does Candy Corn Come From?
Karen Marie Shelton's answer to What's the craziest thing you've experienced in the workplace? - Quora
[video] Josh Sundquist, a Paralympic ski racer LOVES Halloween:
HR Horror Stories
Kay Aull's answer to What's the craziest work gossip story you've ever heard? - Quora
How to Face Your Worst HR Horror Stories
[Video] Aaaand, the 'Most Adorable Halloween Costumes' Goes to...
People-Leadership Articles
This 5-Point Scale will Help Your Team Hire Better & Avoid Bias
Chipotle now covering 100% of tuition costs, even for part-time employees
How to Make Meetings Less Terrible
How to Make Yourself Heard in Meetings - Forge
How Uber uses psychology to perfect their customer experience
Why Automation Won’t Fix Recruitment Inefficiency
Why we don't hire programmers based on puzzles, API quizzes, math riddles, or other parlor tricks
How to Optimize the Candidate Journey to Hire the Best Talent
5 unique ways candidates have made themselves stand out in the job application process
The Best Way to Build Candidate Awareness and Excitement
"Looks like Bill Gates predicted that companies with flexibility in regards to where their employees work from, is the best way to attract the best talent. "
How to Pitch a 4-Day Workweek to Your Boss - Forge
Career ambitions 'already limited by age of seven'
Why employers should recognize, support and train middle managers
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Founder, Principal - ConnectedWell Talent Advisors
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