Hiring Made Human

By ConnectedWell Talent Advisors

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Hiring Made Human
"Let's stay in touch!"
By ConnectedWell Talent Advisors • Issue #11 • View online
Jobseekers, help your recruiters help you!
Unfortunately, many candidates keep their expectations, needs and questions hidden from the one person who will most-likely be able to help you land that dream job.
Here are three ways you can immediately get more value out of your relationship with your recruiter and, mercifully, make your transactions more human, too. 
1. Be straightforward and open about your roadblocks, challenges or concerns about the job.
2. Have transparent and ongoing dialogue with your recruiter about the timing of other opportunities and your likelihood of taking one of them
3. Be realistic and upfront about compensation, relocation or visa requirements and any other non-standard requirements you might have.

(That sound you hear is all recruiters agreeing with this image)
(That sound you hear is all recruiters agreeing with this image)
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One More Thing...
Dear Recruiter,
Please share feedback on this new letter and format by emailing me: robert @ connectedwell.com or @ me on twitter or instagram.
And please forward this to recruiters or jobseekers who could use a little pick me up! We could all use some extra ❤ these days!
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