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1. Blog
This is not your average productivity hack article. In this blog, you’ll learn how exactly consuming beer or coffee affects your productivity.
Beer Mode and Coffee Mode - David Perell
2. Podcast
Ever heard of “unlearning?” Nope, this isn’t about that clichéd stuff, it’s way better.
Why You Should Stop Learning If You Want To Make Money - Modern Mastery With Dan Koe
BTW, if you enjoy listening to podcasts, I just made a minor name change to mine today :)
3. Twitter thread
Sahil Bloom
The most dangerous mental errors (you don’t know you’re making):
4. Surprise
If you’re reading this, then you’re likely to write also. So, why not do it better and faster?
7 Free Apps That’ll Help You Write Content Faster
P.S. This is April fool’s week, but do you know the real story behind it?
I bet, not because it is not available on Google, Reddit, or even Youtube.
But this is the place where you find all the edgy content, so, go ahead, and read the real story here.
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The Edgy creator 😎
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