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❓What are you watching this week?

❓What are you watching this week?
By Eric Johnson • Issue #79 • View online

Laurel Canyon
Laurel Canyon
Thank you to the Recode Decode fans who have signed up for this newsletter since last week! We’re happy to have you here.
My reviews come out every Friday, but today is Monday and I want to know: What movies and TV shows have you been watching recently, and what are you going to watch soon? Just reply to this email and let me know!
Here are some recommendations I got last week from my friend and former colleague Walt Mossberg:

  • Deadwater Fell, “a gripping four-part mystery”
  • Laurel Canyon (pictured above), a two-part documentary about “how great singer-songwriters gathered there and built their careers decades ago”
  • Moana, which Walt says is “pretty good.” I saw this one in theaters (remember theaters?) and again on an airplane (remember airplanes?) and I think it’s Disney’s second-best animated movie of the past few decades, after Zootopia.

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