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🎬 Comfy, feel-good movies to get you through Election Day/Week/Month

🎬 Comfy, feel-good movies to get you through Election Day/Week/Month
By Eric Johnson • Issue #97 • View online
First of all: If you are an eligible voter in the US and haven’t voted yet, go do that ASAP. If you don’t know *where* to do that, go to, where you can find a polling place and (in some states and Washington, DC) register to vote same-day.
OK, with that out of the way: Hi. This is a bonus newsletter! How are you? Yeah. Me, too.
I have no idea what Election Day has in store for us, but let’s remember to be patient. We need to be mentally prepared for the likelihood that we will not know who won the Presidential race when we go to bed tonight, and no amount of obsessive cable TV watching or social media doomscrolling will fix that. Breathe.
I certainly hope this decision won’t take weeks or months, as some are predicting, but here’s an email to keep in your back pocket for as long as you need it: A list of 25 comforting movies that don’t ask a lot of you, but deliver a good time.
Be strong. Try to take a break from your screens if you can. And good luck, everyone.
- Eric
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Currently streaming on Disney+.
Available to rent/buy on Vudu and Fandango Now.
Back to the Future
Currently streaming on Netflix, Sling TV, and USA.
Bringing Up Baby
Currently streaming on HBO Max.
A Christmas Story
Currently streaming on DirecTV, SlingTV, TNT, and TBS.
City Lights
Currently streaming on HBO Max, The Criterion Channel, and Kanopy.
Currently streaming on Freeform and Sling TV.
Currently streaming on Starz and DirecTV.
Available to rent/buy on many platforms.
Galaxy Quest
Currently streaming on HBO Max and Sling TV.
The Lego Movie
Currently streaming on HBO Max.
Lilo & Stitch
Currently streaming on Disney+.
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Currently streaming on HBO Max.
(And you know what? Once you’ve re-watched this one, you might as well watch all of them …)
Men in Black
Currently streaming on Starz and Sling TV.
Currently streaming on Disney+.
My Neighbor Totoro
Currently streaming on HBO Max.
Ocean's Eleven
Currently streaming on Netflix.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
The Princess Bride
Currently streaming on Disney+.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Currently streaming on Netflix and Sling TV.
Roman Holiday
Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, CBS, and FlixFling.
Singin' in the Rain
Currently streaming on HBO Max.
That Thing You Do!
Currently streaming on HBO/HBO Now/HBO Max and DirecTV.
When Harry Met Sally ...
Currently streaming on HBO Max.
Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Currently streaming on Peacock.
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