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First Come First Serve!
By Harsh Mishra • Issue #1 • View online
I Explore - I Experiment - That’s How I Learn
Woohoo! Welcome to #1 First Newsletter!
Tittle is Unique or You Can Say DIfferent!
but that is 100% true. (at least what I observed!)
If you don’t know my story of How I Start Exploring things. here
(my spoken English is not good but hopefully I’m Improving it Day-By-Day.)
The more you Explore, the more you get to Know!
When I started to join different-different Whatsapp groups, I realized that a lot of people don’t know some of the things which you and I very well know
  • A lot of students don’t know that after joining Engineering ( CS/IT also ) colleges they have to do coding, they’ve to explore different domains.
  • A lot of people don’t know coding can be learned from youtube for FREE. Sounds crazy na! but this is true.
Lack of Exploring = Missing the Best
When the very first time I start using Youtube, I found that Youtube is not just for comedy videos, Vlogs, Songs but it has a ton of different videos of a different types.
Aman Dhattarwal - I used to watch his Channel and lecture videos for my studies. There I get to know about Startup, Freelancing, and Public speaking.
But this was not the best, After watching the 100th of video on Startup and Freelancing, I got the suggestion of Ishan Sharma‘s Youtube Channel, get to know about Ranveer Allahabadia’s Youtube Channel.
( I personally believe that a lot of people don’t know about them! please share this newsletter with every friend, relative & sibling you wanted to grow. )
People I’m Following this week:
  1. Alex Banks : twitter
  2. Zain Kahn : twitter
  3. a lot more to add!….
Conclusion :
So, What we learn from the above journey is that what you’re getting for the first time is not the last you’ll ever get unless you stop exploring.
Google, Youtube, Spotify are FREE! but underrated.
If you want to know anything Just Search it on Google, Youtube.
Spotify is for podcasts and audio shows.
  • Life Update: Bought a Macbook Air(Not for Flex), Started learning Canva & Figma, Thinking about writing an ebook.
I always unknowingly believe in JUST DO IT!
Thanks for taking your time for reading it. Now try to Apply it

Best Tweets I’ve Bookmarked!
Art of Life 🦋
I went from 10,000 → 43,000 Followers in 3 weeks.

Purely by studying the best on Twitter.

Here are the top 20 creators that inspired me and their niche:
Zain Kahn
Things I know at 28

I wish I understood when I was 18:
Alex Banks
I have a masters degree in finance.

But I've learned 10x more from Twitter.

10 threads that will make you a better investor:
Follow ME on Twitter✨
Last Words✨
I hope you’ve read the whole newsletter, and shared it with your friends, relatives & siblings. After doing that, Don’t forget to smile that hopefully by this action some people gets the value you get today!
Keep Smiling - Be Happy - Keep Exploring
I’m Harsh Mishra, And I’m Signing off.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Harsh Mishra

18, Love to Learn - Explore - Experiment.
More into Graphic Design.
Documenting everything through newsletters.

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