A Name to be known!



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A Name to be known!
By Harsh Mishra • Issue #2 • View online
This week was spent well, I get to learn a lot, and I’ve taken some initiation. “We all have Ideas, We all want to start something! but you know what makes them not doing is the first step!”.
I remember when I was on verge of ending class 12th, I was preparing for boards, with one of my friends by going to a place to study together. He always notices me when I edit photos or try to edit videos or I create any post, I feel very happy to tell him, “see what I created today” and he used to tell me that ‘areeeyyy this is so easy even I can do it, “.
You know what a lot of times we judge others, we think the work anyone is doing is of 'piece of cake’, but the real thing came when we also try to do that.
I strongly believe in ‘work in silence, make your work shout louder”
If you’re reading this newsletter, whatever you think others are doing is easy, start doing the same - then you’ll realise how hard it is!
Another thing is Taking action, if you’re thinking to start a youtube channel, if you wanted to create a reel, if you wanted to learn English, if you wanted to start writing a blog or a newsletter, Just start doing that!
One person and the only person who will stop you is YOU?
You’ll never learn to create a video, speak English, writing a good blog or newsletter if you don’t start now.
Create, write, speak whatever you want to do, just start doing.
One time, I was watching someones’ video, He was telling something about self-motivation! One thing which he repeatedly says is that never ever underestimate yourself.
If you watch anyone’s success story whether it is of Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Koli, Ashish Chanchalani, Ishan Sharma, Ranveer Allahabadia, Ankur Warikoo, Dhruv Rathee, Abhi & Niyu.
All the names are written are connected with youtube. One thing is common in everyone - and that is EXECUTION - TAKING NEXT STEP - IMPROVING CONTENT - CREATING MORE & MORE!
You know what when the first time anyone starts his youtube channel he/she don’t get views, don’t get subscriber, don’t build a community, will build if and only his/her content is good and people loves to watch that and he/she improving its content day by day.
Your youtube journey in maybe like this(tweet) or maybe far better in 2022. To start and reach the pinnacle, you’ve to be consistent to that threshold point where you get potential viewers and subscriber who loves to watch your videos. Who genuinely loves your content but for that, you’ve to create more and more good content which when you watch, you feel proud of yourself that you have created that video.

One thing which I think people do now is share their best content, share in public, People should know what you’re learning, what you’ve created, and what new you’ve discovered.
A lot of people make mistakes by telling what they’re doing, you should show what you’re doing. Show them your proof of work! how can someone believe in you that you’re good at anything?
see the tweet for a better understanding.
Yesterday(9 April, 2022), I’d watched completely The Founder movie, I was just stunned how a person with a great determination can do anything, and biggest one which I love in that movie was You are never late to do anything. If you have determination and Persistence and have a positive attitude now matter how old you’re, No matter how much year you’ve wasted or never utilised, The best and the biggest time to start anything is NOW!
Let me pop some name, Ankur Warikoo Founder of Nearby, Falguni Nayar Founder of NYKAA, and a lot of people there if you search on google ‘founders who started late’
Harsh Mishra 
Tomorrow night I completed "The Founder" movie! - got to know a lot about McDonald's.

//Some Weekend lessons🧵
Last Words✨
“Forget what people tell you! Don’t wait for things to be happen, make things happens”
~One day I’ll tell people, see that was me 18 year old exploring things and figuring out what is working for me, and what is not.
Alot people have no time to read it completely,a lot have issues to read, but some will read it! and they will know what was I and What I’ll!
Harsh Mishra Signing off!
One more thing! if you have anything to tell me/any suggestion/any feedback - my DM’s are open, I’ll be open for your golden feedback, Because You’ve taken your time to give me feedback.
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Harsh Mishra

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