Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #8 (Pardon me, but have you heard the good news about our Lord and Sea-viour Poseidon)



Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #8 (Pardon me, but have you heard the good news about our Lord and Sea-viour Poseidon)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #8 • View online
Hope you survived the changing of the clocks, if that’s observed in your locale. Since every time keeping device I have automatically changes, and I never pay attention to it, I was caught a bit by surprise when I woke up, thought I’d slept in, and yet it was still oddly dark out. Spring forward fuckery I could do without, but, I mean, it’s really just an annoyance, I guess. But, it keeps sneaking up on me twice every year like … wait for it … clockwork.
For my part, this week I’ve posted, among other various things, about Pi Day, St Patrick’s Day / Moorish Tag Day (Let’s also, you know, pour one out for all the snakes and druids), a lost Walrus, a Mario pipe meme, made a huge push to update and improve the list of Technical Books of Thelema, got something in the mail from Fellow Walter C Cambra, and, finally, as always, worked on the website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Π Day
Happy Pi Day!
“He brings out the pie-throwing Groucho Marxist in me.”
Getting Personal(istic) in Withered Anarchism
“An autocratic Adept is indeed a blessing to the disciple … because he can … prevent him from picking out the plums which please him from the Pie of Knowledge”
“Occupied with my trouble, which modesty forbade me to reveal even to my parents, I wandered … in the park belonging to one of our local magnates… reputed in venereal circles as a grand trencher man at a mutton-pie.”
“If there was still any doubt of His identity it would be cleared up by the fact that it is the thumb, which is attributed to the element of Spirit, … which he sticks into the pie of the new dispensation.”
An Interlude in Mysticism, Book 4, Part II
Pardon me
Pardon me, but have you heard the good news about our Lord and Sea-viour Poseidon, the great god, mover of the earth and fruitless sea, Holder of the Earth, dark-haired lord?!
Also, can you please be so kind as to direct me to the nearest public transport back to the Arctic?
Or, to the nearest friendly independent hostel that permits animals?
First ever sighting of a walrus in Ireland after it is thought to have drifted across Atlantic after falling asleep on iceberg https://t.co/LKrJinW9un https://t.co/aieS7JEb0c
The time has come for you to choose
What are these three pipes? Wrong answers only.
Salt, Sulfur, Mercury
Nuit, Hadit, and Ra-Hoor-Kuit
Get it? Got it. Good!
The Cum Pipe
“Glory and worship be to Thee,
Sap of the world-ash, wonder-tree!”
The Piss Pipe
“Spend spouting the tide
Of your sizzling piss
In my mouth; oh my Whore
Let it pour, let it pour!”
The Gay Pipe
“Boys tempt my lips to wanton use,
And show their tongues, and smile awry,
And wonder why I should refuse
To feel their buttocks on the sly,
And kiss their genitals, and cry:
‘Ah! Ganymede, grant me one night!’”
An Aleister Crowley for all seasons! Put that in your Mario pipes and smoke it …
Things at Hermetic Library to check out
Over on the blog
The Mirror of Simple Souls
Many Dimensions
St Patrick's Day and Moorish Tag Day!
St Patrick's Day and Moorish Tag Day!
Mail Call
An envelope from Hermetic Library Fellow Walter C Cambra arrived with a much welcome donation!
Did you enjoy this issue?
John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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