Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #66 (Goodbye to Twitter & Revue, Facebook & Instagram! Introducing Hrmtc I∴O∴!)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #66 (Goodbye to Twitter & Revue, Facebook & Instagram! Introducing Hrmtc I∴O∴!)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #140 • View online
This week I am saying goodbye to Twitter! And goodbye to this Revue-based newsletter! I’m also saying goodbye to Facebook and Instagram! But, I’m introducing Hrmtc I∴O∴! (And, there will be a new newsletter next week!) Plus almanac, propaganda, memes, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Goodbye to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!
This week I am saying goodbye to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!
I’m sure you’ve heard the news, but maybe not, that an oligarch has bought Twitter, and will be taking it private, and making changes. Welp, as soon as I heard that was happening, I started to accelerate plans to migrate away from Twitter and Revue (more about this specifically below). I’ve also decided to take this opportunity to essentially leave the other oligarch’s social ecosystem, Facebook and Instagram.
If you’ve been following along, you’ll already know that I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve been hoping that I would get to a really strong point with subscribers to this email newsletter where I’d feel it was the right time to do this.
I’m not where I hoped to be with the newsletter, but it’s time to migrate away from the social platforms now.
(So it’s doubly or triply painful that I feel I need to migrate away from both Twitter and Revue!)
I’ve got to admit that it’s stressful to migrate away from using Tw, Fb, and Ig, essentially leaving almost 15 years of accumulated followers behind, but I keep reminding myself that I never reach people anyway. With 100k followers across social media, I only ever reach a handful of actual people. Welp. I’ve rarely failed to blow things up in order to make a change … and I’ve sometimes thought about how nice it would be to be able to wipe the slate clean. Guess now’s the time to start over. Again.
"I ain't gonna work on Oligarch farms no more"—Bob Dylan, probably
"I ain't gonna work on Oligarch farms no more"—Bob Dylan, probably
Goodbye to this Revue-based newsletter!
That also means that Revue, the platform I use to create these newsletters, and is owned by Twitter, is on the way out.
I’ll be moving this email newsletter to a new tool. That means, unless I don’t get things sorted, this will be the last regular newsletter through Revue.
I will have more information for you later, but just wanted to give you a heads up. The email newsletter isn’t going away, just moving. I’ll export the entire list from here and import it into the new tool, so you shouldn’t need to do anything. Just, you know, if something goes awry, let me know; but look forward to a different, for some value of different yet to be determined, look and feel next week!
The newsletter is dead (again)! Long live the (forthcoming) newsletter!
Introducing Hrmtc I∴O∴!
Oh lawd he comin'! It's HRMTC I∴O∴ mascot Behemoth!
Oh lawd he comin'! It's HRMTC I∴O∴ mascot Behemoth!
Let me introduce you to Hrmtc I∴O∴, a new instance of the Mastodon social network in service of Hermetic Library.
(A quick side note about the name. In places where I can use the ∴ symbol, I use the name Hrmtc I∴O∴. In places where I can’t, places where I would have to URL encode it, I say Hrmtc I/O. So you might see that differently in various places. The first, of course, is a goof on the way occult orders abbreviate things. What do you think it stands for? The other is a way to abbreviate Input/Output, and that kinda also fits for a tech-based social thing!)
(Also, as another aside, I’ve goofed on the elephant mascot for Mastodon by having the Hrtmc I∴O∴mascot be the Goetic entity Behemoth, who is presented in the Dictionnaire Infernal as looking like an elephant. The image is directly from that work, and touched up a bit by me for the thing.)
Mastodon (not to be confused with Mastodon) is a decentralized, open source equivalent to many other social networks. Depending on the instance you join, it could look and act like Twitter or Instagram (if they use Pixelfed) or even Medium (if they use WriteFreely) along with many other things, now and to come.
The way Mastodon appears at Hrmtc I∴O∴ is equivalent to Twitter. I’m using a fork of Mastodon called Hometown.
Currently there are 3 accounts on the instance you can check out.
  • @Librarian — It’s me! John Bell the Librarian of Hermetic Library!
  • @ReadingRoom — It’s a bot. Follow along for links to all posts to the Reading Room category at the Hermetic Library Blog, including quotes, reviews, and more.
  • @OmniumGatherum — It’s a raw eclectic feed of notable things the I’ve found beyond the library that you may also be interested in checking out. This is a new bin in which I store some of the links from which I curate Omnium Gatherum posts on the blog.
I’ve got plans within plans for more, but that’s what there is right now.
I’m not currently accepting account registrations on the Hrmtc I∴O∴ instance. I have only the most minimal resources to maintain it for the library accounts. I mean, if there were enough interest, and I ever reach my basic funding goal for the library over on Patreon, I might be able to afford the time and resources necessary.
But, here’s the thing, you don’t nee to have an account directly on the Hrmtc I∴O∴ instance to follow along! Please consider creating an account on any instance of your preference, or start one for yourself, and then follow along from there!
You could start by creating an account by heading to following the instructions on the official Mastodon site, or pick up one of the mobile apps and create and account on the fly through them. There’s official apps for both Apple and Android. There’s also lots of unofficial apps available too which you can check out later, if you want.
Then, come back and click on all the “follow” buttons on the library accounts!
At some point, down the road, if there’s enough interest from ongoing Patrons, and if I increase the resources available to the instance and open up the account registration process, at that time, it would also be possible to relatively easily migrate any account you create now on another instance.
So, if having account registrations open on Hrmtc I∴O∴ is something you want to help make happen, become an ongoing Patron to support all the work, including the future. Keep in mind, that if that ever happens, I would likely start by making accounts available to Mars+ supporters, those with digital perks, first.
I’ve tried a lot of different ways in the past to build a social layer (BuddyPress, Discourse, Discord, and all the socials) for Hermetic Library, and it hasn’t ever worked well. So I’m starting over small, with a tiny instance that serves my needs, without necessarily needing anyone else to participate for it to be the right time to start it.
So, with that, for now, come check out the overall network of Mastodon instances, and Hrmtc I∴O∴ in particular! Let me know what you think!
Thelemic churn illustrated
Thelemic churn illustrated
Dr. Demonology
H.P. Livecraft
H.P. Laughcraft
H.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Eatcraft
H.P. Praycraft
H.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Witchcraft
H.P. Ewige Blumenkraft
H.P. Hovercraft
Gematria in a nutshell!
“I am tired of Earth. These People. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."—some blue guy, probably
New Age illustrated
New Age illustrated
Here’s upcoming calendar and astronomical events, plus the daily Thelemic Tephilah practice for the coming week.
  • Venus-Jupiter conjunction, April 30
  • “Black moon” and partial solar eclipse, April 30 [See, Also]
  • New moon, April 30
  • Eta Aquariads meteor shower, May 6 & 7
Things to check out at Hermetic Library
Honestly, I got fuck all done on the site proper. This week was all nail-biting, garment-rending, and teeth-gnashing over urgent social media migration. Back to it next week! Unless migrating this newsletter becomes complicated … Oy!
And on the blog
The Algebraist
Flight from Nevèrÿon
Also, elsewhere
hrmtc.io - Hrmtc I/O
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