Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #60 (It is immaterial whether these exist or not)



Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #60 (It is immaterial whether these exist or not)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #128 • View online
This week I’m leaving Tumblr (again), TALK & RADIO updates, an earnest warning, Pi Day, Ides of March, propaganda, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Unicursal DO THY WILL Propaganda
Unicursal DO THY WILL Propaganda
The automation thing I had that created drafts on Tumblr from posts elsewhere broke. I had been putting in enough effort to edit the drafts and queue them, but I’m not going to put in the extra effort to fully, manually re-post everything here just to reach only 0.07% of my total Tumblr followers each day. So, that means the end, again, of the main library tumblog, and the others, of course, are the same as main.
This isn’t the first time I’ve left Tumblr, but I expect it will be the last. Previously I left in solidarity with those LGBTQ+ and sex work blogs that were being censored. But, after a while, and an ownership change, if not a full resolution to the issues, I decided to give it a try again. However, now I’m going to stick a fork in it.
If I’m honest, I’m kinda hoping to ignore social media more and more as people subscribe to this newsletter. I’ve always treated social media as an extension of my core online presence, not the other way around. But, I’ve spent so much time and effort on various platforms that are literally hostile to really reaching people … *sigh*
I know I’ve said this all before in previous newsletters, and elsewhere, but I’m marking the passing of my engagement on one long standing platform now, so I’m reflecting on it all again.
Anyhow, glad you’re here, reading this newsletter, and I can actually reach you!
I’ve started to add more in general rotation over at TALK RADIO @ HRMTC!
First, I added in some sweepers, the same “station identification” thingies I’ve got on MUSIC. Those run every 10 songs on MUSIC, but, because of the longer track lengths, on TALK I’ve got those running every 5. We’ll see how that goes. And, I hope I’ll have more of those over time.
Next, I went back and gathered up all the old Reader’s Theatre events, which are in various places, as I was trying to figure it out, like the old Soundcloud, on YouTube, and on the blog. Once I got them together, I’ve added them in a playlist on TALK, which will be shuffled into general rotation occasionally. If there’s ever more of those, I’ll add them too; but, at least, they’re all there now.
And I also recorded some new stuff! So far I’ve got two tracks in a playlist called From the Newsletter of me reading some of the short essays, you guessed it, from this newsletter. I went back to the beginning and I’ll probably work my way up through them all. So the first two are “How to order pizza in Thelema” from Feb 5, 2001 and “Magical Work in Oz” from Feb 12, 2001. I’ll only do the essay kinda stuff, not things like this update and so on; but there’s a start!
I can do some more Reader’s Theatre and From the Newsletter stuff on my own without participation from anyone else, so I’ll plan on doing that. One hopes, eventually, maybe, there’ll be some interest in participation, but I can keep going with this stuff either way.
Also, as an aside, and more generally about RADIO, I’ve recently made some other changes behind the scenes. I’ve reduced the number of duplicative stream options, so that there’s now just one 196kbps stream for each MUSIC and TALK. If you’d downloaded the playlist file and set the stations up in your Internet radio app and have trouble re-connecting, you might need to grab it again so that you’ve got the most recent changes. If you’re just listening from the web pages for the stations, you’re good to go. Also, I’ve added in a compression and normalization pass to TALK, which I’d already had turned on for MUSIC; which may help make some of the older, poorer quality audio episodes of TCTC sound better, I hope.
An earnest warning
 “In this book it is spoken of the Sephiroth and the Paths; of Spirits and Conjurations; of Gods, Spheres, Planes, and many other things which may or may not exist.
It is immaterial whether these exist or not. By doing certain things certain results will follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them.”
Pi Day
“The word Pan is then explained, Π, the letter of Mars, is a hieroglyph of two pillars, and therefore suggest duality; A, by its shape, is the pentagram, energy, and N, by its Tarot attribution, is death.”
Aleister Crowley, COMMENTARY (Α)
“Pi - Π, π - P - 80 - Sagittarius”
Ισοψηφος - “Isopsephos” - Greek Gematria by Alex Sumner
“It must be carefully observed that this method of Reasoning will not take place, if the Angle a s π is assumed greater than a right Angle”
This important annual reminder was for the Ides of March: Have a Dagger, Find a Caesar!
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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