Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #58 (a not-at-all-sexy behind-the-scenes technical project)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #58 (a not-at-all-sexy behind-the-scenes technical project)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #124 • View online
This week I’ve got a light newsletter mostly only with talk about podcasts, spoken word, and soever; but also Cloudflare, merch, propaganda, memes, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Unicursal FILL ME KILL ME Propaganda
Unicursal FILL ME KILL ME Propaganda
Podcasts, spoken word, and soever
I mentioned this last week, but in addition to the music station that I introduced, I’ve been thinking about other things I can do with the existing station or additional stations.
Since I already host the archive of Thelema Coast To Coast and a couple of episodes of Reader’s Theatre, I’ve been thinking about bootstrapping a second talk radio station with what minimal content I already have.
And, I could and very well might do that. Then I’ll add additional content over time, perhaps I’ll get more serious about doing the audio versions of library content, like I did for Liber B vel Magi. (Scroll down to the list of additional formats, which include the original, old school Heidrick ascii TXT, as well as PDF, ebook, audio and video that I created. In particular, check out the audio and video for what I’m suggesting I get more serious about for the rest, whether that’s just me, or others, and I’m also more than open to having multiple performances by others of library content too.)
But, in addition to the stuff I might do, I’d really, really like to find some more podcasts and spoken word audio to add to this, such as esoteric, occult talk radio, including new and archived podcasts, talk shows, lectures, book readings, and other spoken word broadcasts. (Or anything else I’m not thinking of!) So, if you or someone you know, is a creator of new or old spoken content, pre-recorded or even live broadcasts (yep! there are ways to do that too!), I’d love to chat about hosting an archive or about participating on a, still, for now, speculative Hermetic Library talk radio station.
Unicursal DO AS THOU WILT Propaganda
Unicursal DO AS THOU WILT Propaganda
You may not notice anything, except possibly that library sites are slightly faster, but I finished a not-at-all-sexy behind-the-scenes technical project of migrating the library’s domain and mail routing. I had previously done some of this for some Hrmtc Underground things, but finished it entirely this week.
The previous setup had always been intended as a stopgap step prior to a fully operational Hermetic Hosting, but I was never able to get that going with enough momentum to move to what I would consider a production level, thus it remained in a kind of halfway state until I decided that I just couldn’t realistically keep the hosting idea going. After I shuttered the hosting idea for lack of necessary traction, all the existing things stayed in a kind of limbo until now, everything in a perpetual bug out bag waiting forever to be called up and deployed for real, whilst I slowly took out what I needed to take out and put in place somewhere else.
Whilst I have a couple old ethical reservations about Cloudflare as a company, those aren’t current showstoppers, just slightly uncomfortable. My sense is that they are doing better overall than they were on that front. And, I mean, to be fair, they weren’t ever GoDaddy or anything as pure evil as all that.
I now route domains and mail through Cloudflare, which should aid in security, reliability, and speed for all visitors. Not that any of those were particularly lacking, but everything I needed to do to ensure that I was doing myself, manually, on the server-level. This adds an additional layer of security measures and content caching on top of that.
But, to restate by way of a summary, you shouldn’t notice anything, except possibly that library sites are slightly faster. I suppose, if you do notice something new awry, however, do let me know!
Unicursal LET IT FILL ME Propaganda
Unicursal LET IT FILL ME Propaganda
I’ve added the retired, previously Patron exclusive, Unicursal LET IT FILL / KILL ME Propaganda design on a mug, and I’ve also added a whole host of FILL KILL apparel options for new public merch!
This is, of course, you may have guessed, based on the Unicursal FILL ME KILL ME Propaganda, one of the designs inspired by the textual controversy which, I think, has actually settled down now, but was a big kerfuffle for a while.
MJ: Tell me the truth…I’m..I’m ready to hear it.
Unicursal LET IT KILL ME Propaganda
Unicursal LET IT KILL ME Propaganda
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Animated Unicursal FILL ME KILL ME Propaganda
Animated Unicursal FILL ME KILL ME Propaganda
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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