Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #57 (probably, roughly, around a decade late jumping on this)



Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #57 (probably, roughly, around a decade late jumping on this)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #122 • View online
This week I’ve got RADIO @ HRMTC, social media and participation, merch, and 4K on IG. Along with the final weekly, and probably indefinitely, #OccultLoveFest, propaganda, memes, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

This week I introduced RADIO @ HRMTC which is the home of Hermetic Library Internet Radio.
Hermetic Library Internet Radio is listener supported, so consider becoming a PatronMember, or Subscriber to keep this station on-air for everyone along with a variety of other nifty perks on offer.
Please also visit Hermetic Library’s Bandcamp and the Anthology Project for more details and artist profiles of the music playing.
You can listen at that page, using any device that can browse there. Or, if you’ve got a favourite audio program where you listen to other Internet radio stations, you should be able to set up the station by downloading the playlist file and then importing it. (NOTE: If you are typically an iTunes user and grab the playlist download, you may have trouble getting the station to play. That’s a bummer, but not a showstopper. Let me recommend VLC or Triode instead.)
You can also make song requests, if there’s a track you want to hear; just click on the song request button, search for what you want by keyword, click request, and it will get rotated in soon.
There’s currently one station (MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC? HRMTC 1?) which has all the released issues of Magick, Music and Ritual. I have some more I could add from other releases, like TINAHLAA and the handful of Odd Order Anthology issues, but, for now, it’s all of Magick, Music and Ritual.
Another thing is that I can do all kinds of other things. For example, there could be live DJ sets, scheduled programs, premieres and special listening parties. One thing that will likely happen is that I’ll set up special release parties for the next issues of TINAHLAA and MMR this year. But, there’s a lot of other things that would be possible, if people are interested in participating.
I’m not going to wait on that, so I setting this up wasn’t dependent on getting others to participate; if they do, great; if not, I’ll just do what I’m doing. The only thing that I’ll be hoping for is listeners. Honestly, if it’s just me listening, I can just listen to the music locally; but I’m hoping that this is something that is of interest for others to tune in and enjoy.
Currently, I also only have music. I intend to add “sweepers” which are short audio bits between sets of songs, every once in a while, with “station identification” and other things. That’s something that I’ll start doing, but expect that it will take a lot of time to get a bunch of those set up. I’ll start with one of me, and then I’ll be asking all the participants on upcoming anthologies to include a sweeper with their submissions. But, I'l also hoping that I’ll get some other voices, like creatives and authors from the community to join in.
Now, this station is music only. It doesn’t have to stay that way. For example, I could imagine things like “Talk Tuesdays” and so on. Another alternative is that I create another station (TALK RADIO @ HRMTC? HRMTC 2?) and have a whole station dedicated to talk shows. I currently only have two things I could add to that: the podcast archives of Thelema Coast to Coast and a couple episodes of Reader’s Theatre. If I were to create that 2nd station, I’d need a lot more archives of podcast, classes, lectures, and so on. And, some new, ongoing content collaborations would be spiffy too. So, that’s down the road, unless I get a wild hair and just create it with what I’ve got and hope for more later?
And, down the road, when I know I’ve got things how I want them (I’m still thinking of this as an experimental phase), I’ll see about submitting this to the directories, so that people might, maybe, possibly, discover it themselves also. But, for now, it’s just for those in the know!
In all honesty, I’m probably, roughly, around a decade late jumping on this, but … There it is! It’s a start! Check it out!
Unicursal PEACE PEACE PEACE Propaganda
Unicursal PEACE PEACE PEACE Propaganda
Social media and participation
Look, I know people don’t want to know how the sausage is made, let alone hear me winge about having to make it, but I’m sick and tired of being frustrated and disappointed in social media.
I mean, if “success is your proof” then the absence of success is also a result to pay attention to all in all. I’m all for tilting at windmills, myself, as you probably already know, but sometimes a different windmill is just what the doctor ordered to spice things up.
I’ve spent so much time and effort over the years on social media, and I’m just a bit exhausted. I’ve spent years, a decade even, trying to not only put out interesting content but also jumping in and posting and putting out calls in all kinds of ways for others to participate.
(That’s not even to mention that this frustration and disappointment was partly the reason for creating this newsletter, so I might actually reach people interested in this stuff!)
But, I’m tired. It’s been a slow burn but I’ve reached a point of burnout now. So, I’m going to be pulling back from my own direct participation elsewhere, on the various platforms. I’ll still be posting the regularly scheduled stuff, like quotes and memes and things, but I’m not going to be actively participating myself. I’m going to focus on some other stuff.
I’m not sure if that will shuffle up what’s going on for this newsletter or not. Typically, I’ve been using my own social media participation as a kitchen for concocting content that I add to the newsletter each week. As an example of that, I feel like this week’s newsletter is a little light on the fun and silly stuff, which reflects that I haven’t been participating on social media in the same way.
So, there may be a little bit of difference in the content for this newsletter, but I expect it to continue to have all the info about what’s going on lately with the library, and what I’ve been doing. Just, I guess, head’s up, that I’m changing the recipe, maybe. We’ll see!
Unicursal SUCCESS IS YOUR PROOF Propaganda
Unicursal SUCCESS IS YOUR PROOF Propaganda
Read the most recent shop update and then check out the Beelzebub, I might be design, and note that stickers and magnets end up being 3-in-1! Cool!
Unicursal SO WILL I WORK Propaganda
Unicursal SO WILL I WORK Propaganda
4K on IG
Just passed 4000 followers over on Instagram, so for all of you, old and new alike, subscribed here and following there, check out the Mang Hexagram!
And check out Atu IV, The Emperor!
Unicursal SHUT UP GET OUT Propaganda
Unicursal SHUT UP GET OUT Propaganda
Apropos of current events, CalliopEye says “I am petitioning Ancient of Days with prayers, supplications and words of orison in order that Lo heeds the situation in Ukraine and brings about Peace. May we rise above the darkness that resides in our souls. Pax Pax Pax.”
By the by, this is the final weekly, and probably the last indefinitely, installment of #OccultLoveFest. Sadly, people don’t seem to want to participate, so I’ll stop trying to make it happen. I gave it a month, tested the waters, would have done it as long as people participated … but, time to kill another darling idea, I guess.
There’s still the #OccultLoveFest merch in the public merch shop, if you ever want some!
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Public merch shop update, Feb 22
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