Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #56 (tyrants scream freedom and mean tyranny)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #56 (tyrants scream freedom and mean tyranny)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #120 • View online
This week I’ve got tyrants scream freedom, superb owl, Garfield Bataille, unicursal fantasy roleplaying, and 3n0ch14n. Along with the penultimate weekly #OccultLoveFest, propaganda, memes, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Unicursal DRUNKEN KISSES Propaganda
Unicursal DRUNKEN KISSES Propaganda
Tyrants scream freedom
One of the many reasons these people shouting about freedom bothers me so much is because the concept of freedom is central to my understanding of Thelema and it hits me that it’s the same as people using one word in Liber OZ to justify complete disregard of the rest.
Or indeed, of any other moral and ethical standard.
For reference, this is Liber OZ:
And I have seen people (the sort of people who think “Do what thou wilt” means you can be a complete sociopath because they haven’t grasped why it’s THOU) say well see that means I can go anywhere and don’t have to wear a mask or a condom.
It doesn’t though, because doing so negates basically half the list for everyone else. Like you’re not free to carve as you will into someone’s chest because that fucks up their right to live and die as they will, as well as most of the rest.
It’s also not a holy text, or not a product of revelation at any rate, it’s a very human text and a very idealistic text. If you’re going to use it to think with at all you have to think with the whole thing, not just the bits that suit you right now.
Those who would be tyrants scream freedom and mean tyranny, and they have a foothold and we have to shake them loose without caring how they fall.
Unicursal STAR SOUL Propaganda
Unicursal STAR SOUL Propaganda
Garfield Bataille
“I hate mundanities"—Garfield Bataille
Superb Owl
Hope you had a happy televised expensive hyped commercials, popular music over produced spectacle, and ersatz-wargame footsie sportsball day, for all those who celebrate it.
I mean, your religion seems really weird to me, but you do you.
A: “Honey, please wake up our son.”
Unicursal fantasy roleplaying
Apparently there’s a crowdfunding effort for an Zweihander Starter Kit. Zweihander is a fantasy horror RPG that, as far as I can tell, basically copies its homework from Warhammer Fantasy, but apparently they also, for some reason, have unicursal hexagrams all over the game and the campaign too.
Wait. Whut?
Wait. Whut?
The unicursal hexagram appears in a few places on the crowdfunding campaign, but I notice that in one place in particular it is associated with text about “monstrous being … recently awoken from their slumber”. That’s mythos stuff.
What the fuck-all does that, or anything in the game at all, have to do with Crowley or the unicursal hexagram? Also in another place, it’s just used on a list like a fancy bullet point. It makes no goddamn sense.
So “OooOOOOoOOOOooo spooky!” is probably the extent of it. In short, it’s a form of the Crowley Corollary but, yeah, it’s like … slapping Sigillum Dei Aemeth on a game about Mesopotamian demons. It isn’t in the right genre or time period to be related in any way at all. Dumb, contrary, and ignorant.
It’s kind of as off the wall as that edition of Descent into Hell I read that had a unicursal hexagram on it, which was weird. I mean both, slapping that image on the cover and the book, but the book was also pretty good, I thought.
Anyhow, what the hell?
I wonder what John Dee would have thought of social media bots.
Enochian, but the tablets and words are all in l33t and hexadecimal.
Ghost of Centralia said “Maybe this is occult adjacent but stop reading Lovecraft and currently back to reading him. Personally felt him calling me back to finish reading.” Indeed, “It called me” can be pretty ominous! By the by, whilst there’s not a lot of Lovecraft stuff on the site, there’s some to check out like Lovecraft, Cyclonopedia and Materialist Horror or do a keyword search on “Lovecraft” for the rest.
Welp. Following up on me being a salty whiner about it, I only got one response again, across all of social media. So, next week will be the last weekly #OccultLoveFest thread I do. If I get some as yet undetermined, but more than just one, number of responses next week, I’ll consider doing it monthly on the last Thursday. Otherwise, I’ll let this go entirely. But, either way, this one was the penultimate weekly version of this.
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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