Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #48 (Christ is a trans angel, confirmed)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #48 (Christ is a trans angel, confirmed)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #104 • View online
Happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate!
This week I’ve got a seasonal buffet of last minute gifts; audio, visual, and video pools; Gävleburnin’; and what’s this about again? And a biblical misprint, a Marilyn misquote, intolerance, and a reminder there’s no threefold law. Also Christ is a trans angel, confirmed; public merch shop, possibly, maybe; top 5, best 9; with it’s pronounced “orgasm”, and doodles. Plus memes, reminders, updates, quotes, and reviews!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Unicursal CHRISTMAS GOOD WILL Propaganda
Unicursal CHRISTMAS GOOD WILL Propaganda
Last minute gifts
Need a last minute gift? Give the gift of music from Hermetic Library! It’s a gift for you (to give or keep) and me at the same time! Get all 16 anthology releases together and save 25%!
I don't beat dead horses. I ride them into battle.
I don't beat dead horses. I ride them into battle.
Audio, visual, and video pools
Every once in a while, I get nostalgic for the old audio, visual, and video pools, which have been various places over the years, but now only reside as an undead archive on the blog.
It’s been years since they were active. After moving them in-house to the defunct BBS they basically died, and then I also killed the BBS.
There’s also a much less used pool, even than those others, for Arts and Letters, which I’d be remiss to not mention, which I mainly used to post old Masonic poetry.
Link rot has broken some of the submissions from displaying, of course. I probably should not have relied on embeds as much as I did, but it is what it was.
But, sometime I wonder what it would take, if there were anything, to revive them in some fashion.
I suppose that’s what places like Reddit, Imgur, TikTok, and so on are for nowadays. Everyone seems to only want to jump into big corporate silos.
(I’m not oblivious to the irony that I also post a lot on social media, within a big corporate silo; but, in my defense, I’ve got a website and blog which I self host, and, to a lesser degree, this newsletter, which I can take with me, and did already once, if necessary.)
(I mostly treat social media as the dead end they want to be, but I don’t also treat social media as my primary, canonical posting place they wish they were, thus they cannot, for me, become one way dead end streets (HT Steven Wright). Everyone should treat them the same, imho.)
So, I mean, if you want to participate, get in touch!
Oh no!
Gävlebocken on Twitter
Sweden’s ill-fated yule goat burns down a week before Christmas
Wait. Hold up. “A man with soot on his hands was arrested close to the scene.” 🎅?
“According to witnesses, a ‘tall and athletically built man’, wearing dark clothes and a hood, was seen leaving the scene when the fire started.” KRAMPUS?! J'ACCUSE!
Now I need a Batman/Catwoman-like story but about the Gävlebocken with Santa/Krampus as frenemies/lovers.
Of course, I could just re-read some Krampus porn. I mean, I’ve heard some people have read this stuff. Other people. Not me. *cough*
What's this about again?
Picked up a new scifi book from an author that was a former mutual, since it was on sale, and then thought I’d check in on what they’ve been up to …
Oh. Wow. Holy shit. Yikes.
Wait *narrows eyes at book* what’s this about again?
Nope. *returns book*
Biblical misprint
As misprints go, this is biblical.
Ordered Werewolf the Apocalypse core book a while ago, and it finally arrived. Turns out it’s just a New Testament instead. @TheOnyxPath
What kind of joke is this? This isn’t what I ordered. https://t.co/ypXWUpwcxi
That sound you heard was the gruesome gasp of collectors across the world who all just got baptised by the moon-light of this reveal giving them dizzying vapours en masse and who hit the floor in paroxysms of primal, ravenous, transformative lust. Ah, nature! It’s so mysterious!
Marilyn misquote
If you can’t handle me at my shitpost, stick with the website.—Marilyn Monroe, probably (actually, a misquote of something she apparently never said, even.)
Infinitely tolerant
Just a quick follow up to the bit about ThelemaBros from before, they sure do seem to love to weaponize this quote. I think they think it means that anyone that criticizes them is intolerant. Which are entirely ≠. I think the quote and their use of it means that the intolerance expressed by ThelemaBros should be intolerable to the community.
Reminder there's no threefold law
Apropos of a now deleted tweet, check out “Shocker: There Is No Universal Threefold Law in Wicca” which is a reference I have had linked forever on the library’s Witchcraft landing page.
(By the by, if you’ve got other resources and references like that which you’ve found? Let me know!)
Christ is a trans angel, confirmed
Quartz Weekly Obsession Christmas Markets December 22, 2021
Quartz Weekly Obsession Christmas Markets December 22, 2021
Christ is a trans angel, or at least gender-queer, confirmed.
Public merch shop, possibly, maybe
Hey, artist friends and acquaintances! If, you know, hypothetically, I were thinking of starting up a public merch shop, as opposed to the exclusive merch for Patrons I’ve been doing lately, what service would you recommend for selling designs by me on products by them?
Over the years I’ve used CafePress and Amazon Merch, but am not interested in them going forward. Doing merch with Patreon is a mixed bag, but I’ll probably keep doing that, but want to think about supplementing that with something less exclusive. I’ve thought about Threadless and Society9, and even recall I almost set those up at some points in the past.
(Wait. 6. Society6, I mean, ofc. Not 9. Not 69. 6. You know, the OTHER 9. The Etidorhpa of 9s.)
I will probably continue develop designs and release them first, and exclusive for at least a year, to my Patrons, for a while; but might switch over fully at some point.
But I’ve got a bunch of retired designs that are going to start becoming a year old soon … just sayin’. Possibly, maybe.
Are these eyes of newt store bought or are they free-range organic?
Are these eyes of newt store bought or are they free-range organic?
Top 5, best 9
It’s that time of year again for retrospectives. I’ll be posting a top 9 on Instagram for 2021 next week, but I recently got prompted to post my top 5, and some stats, over on the library’s tumblog.
As a reminder, and just for fun, here’s the top 9’s from 2020 and 2019.
Best nine, on Instagram, from Hermetic Library in 2020!
My top, best nine on my IG for 2019.
It’s definitely interesting to see the mix, and changes over time. For example, I’ve been getting increasingly more exposure for things that aren’t only the propaganda posters, which is nice. And most of these are all things that would link to content at the library, if, you know, IG actually allowed real links, instead of just text URLs, in posts *sigh* (I mean, what is this? Dead tree media? In $current_year?!). Also, how strange that all but one of the top propaganda from 2019 were the green backgrounds?! I’d forgotten that. Also, in spite of trying as much as possible not to really ever post the same thing more than one, there’s some of the same things across years. 🤷 I tried?
Be the ancestor you want to see your descendants venerate
Be the ancestor you want to see your descendants venerate
It's pronounced "orgasm"
Apparently there’s people out there wondering how to really pronounce “omicron”.
Look, “omicron” is “O micron” which means “little O”, so when referring to the virus, the little death, that means the name of this variant is actually pronounced “orgasm” #TrueInternetFact
Back in the Dec 3 newsletter, I mentioned, mostly in passing, my idea for Hermetic Library doodles, interpretations by participating artists of the logo and a new banner that I’d display on the main site and elsewhere
Welp. I’ve added placeholders to the front page of the site where these would go, so, you know, if no one participates soon I’ll sure have egg on my face. 🥚🤦
Again. Again again.
So, check it out even though there’s nothing to see because there’s no current doodles! If you’d like to participate, read more about what this is and then get in touch.
Send something for the Zine
Pitch an Idea
Things to check out at Hermetic Library
And on the blog
The Gardens of Lucullus
The Gift of Death
Lunar and Sex Worship
Also, elsewhere
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