Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #41 (tell people you don't like about it so they get a share of the pain)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #41 (tell people you don't like about it so they get a share of the pain)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #86 • View online
This week I’ve got a propaganda panacea for all that ails you, only 666 more subscribers needed, The Incal, 12 gallons of milk, Brimstone Apparel offer now evergreen, submissions needed for a Zine at Perihelion, more Pandora and the Laptop merch, reminders, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
Observed Samhain and Halloween has already happened, and so it’s probably time to admit that spooky season is over! Bummer. But, I hope you had a good one. Also remember that Astronomical Samhain, ☉ at 15° ♏ (Sun at 15° Scorpio) occurs in the Northern Hemisphere at 4:50 UTC on November 7, 2021. (Unless you’re one of those who mark it by the Pleiades?! Are you? Let me know!) So, feel free to keep the month of Halloween going into November! Or, as I’m wont to say: if you believe in your heart strongly enough, Halloween can be every day.
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Unicursal CALL YOUR HGA Propaganda Poster
Unicursal CALL YOUR HGA Propaganda Poster
Only 666 more!
If you’re reading this, you’re probably already subscribed, but, maybe you’re viewing this online and haven’t yet?
When I started this newsletter I set an admittedly arbitrary, but also reasonable and modest, goal for the first year: to reach a number of subscribers equal to just 1% of my social media following.
Well, that’s probably not going to happen. But it would only take another 666 people to subscribe to this email newsletter by February 2022 to reach that ghoul, er, sorry, wrong season! I mean goal.
I mean, really. Just 1% of my total social media followers isn’t unreasonable to set as a 1 year goal for a free newsletter is it? Social media companies make it so damned hard to actually reach people!
So, if you’re not subscribed, do that now. And, if you are, help a fellow out by helping spread the word about this free weekly newsletter. Presumably you are enjoying this, so let others you know who might enjoy it too in on the fun.
Or, you know, if you don’t enjoy these, um, sorry? Maybe tell people you don’t like about it so they get a share of the pain?
The Incal
T Polyphilus has done several reviews of installments of The Incal and I’ve read a couple of them, and have a bunch more to read yet, including the various Metabaron books. You may or may not know that these Jodorowsky & Moebius works were inspired by the mythic pre-production bible from Jodorowsky’s failed attempt to make Dune that has had a wild life of influencing other filmmakers over the years.
Welp, I’ve got news for you!
Taika Waititi
I'm honoured to announce I’ll be bringing the maestro, the hero, the true creator, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s masterpiece THE INCAL to the big screen. Also stoked to be teaming up again with @jemaineclement and @peterbwarren on this. @alejodorowsky #Moebius https://t.co/a6rvCqV5jq https://t.co/I8cbafw5hO
OMG. I’m soooooooo confused. Is this or is this not the darkest timeline? I go for days thinking it is, but then there’s news like this … *Wash voice* There’s all sorts of twists and cul-de-sacs, it’s wild.
If Dune was the proof of concept that meant we'd get Waititi doing The Incal then I'm gonna need y'all to get your Locked Tomb screenplays to Issa López's desk immediately https://t.co/wQRMWJLfFh
This is the future that liberals want.
I mean me.
I want this.
12 Gallon of Milk
Apparently we’ve moved from the last decade of victim blaming millennials for eating healthy avocado toast and being poor on to crying frothy milky crocodile tears about huge families’ outlier grocery bills. I’m willing to bet $1.99 that the same “reporter” has done both.
Well, fine. Here’s some other stuff kinda sorta about milk.
“If you wish to make the gods come in to you and that the vessel work its magic quickly, you take a scarab and drown it in the milk of a black cow and put it on the brazier"—The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden
"Wake! O wake! Let us hie to the summits … their white peaks … as the breasts of a mighty woman swollen with the blood and milk of a new life."—The Spendthrift
"My head is jewelled with twelve stars; My body is white as milk of the stars; it is bright with the blue of the abyss of stars invisible."—Liber LXV Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figurâ אדני
Brimstone Apparel offer now evergreen
Both special offers of the 100% off one item for Saturn and the coupon to all Patrons for spooky season have ended, but I was talking with with Brimstone Apparel and we decided to continue the offer of a 20% off coupon for all Patrons, making it evergreen for the future!
That means that there’s no longer and expiration date on the coupon, and it is still available to all Patrons, old and new alike, with no definite end date (though it may end as some point in the future, because things happen). But, if you’re a Patron and haven’t already used the coupon code, you still can. If you’re not a Patron, consider becoming one to get in on all the good stuff. And, you know, help support the work I do and keep the library online.
Also, by the by, imma just put this out there: if anyone’s interested in running a promotional special offer with me next year, let me know! Check out public posts about past offers I’ve previously run for a few examples. Those don’t include the Patron-only posts about giveaways and things I’ve also done, which is another thing I could certainly do again too.
I’m open to ideas for things both like and not-like what I’ve done already! If you’ve got an idea or want to talk about collaborating on something in 2022, get in touch.
Zine for Perihelion?
It’s not currently looking good for an issue of the zine at Perihelion (Jan 4), tbh. I don’t have nearly enough material and it’s so close … But, if you’ve got something you’ve written or created, consider sending it and help make this issue happen!
There’s a lot of information at the submission form, if you care to follow through it. But the tag line is that the Zine is a “wild and wooly whatever of occultura and esoterrata compiled together.” I mean: the Zine is a zine! So, you know, as I say on the Zine page at the library: “Submissions to the zine need no particular topic, theme, style, or soever. New and old material of pretty much any kind, as long as it can be included on pages in the Zine, is welcome.”
So, check out all that, the past issues, and so on. Then send something, whether that’s serious or silly or something else entirely!
Pandora and the Laptop
In the ongoing experiment with making Hermetic Library merch for Patrons on Patreon, I’ve been adding new designs each month. This month, I updated the mini art print.
Even though this image was the one I added last month on the organic tote, I wanted to share it with more people than just the rarified pledge tiers that get that item, so, as I suggested I might, and in spite of my hesitancy to do the same design two months in a row, here it is!
Pitch an Idea
Send something for the Zine
Things to check out at Hermetic Library
And on the blog
All Hallow’s Eve
Masters of Atlantis
Also, elsewhere
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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