Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #36 (♬ Mommas, ♫ don't let your babies grow up ♪ to be Centres of Pestilence ♫)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #36 (♬ Mommas, ♫ don't let your babies grow up ♪ to be Centres of Pestilence ♫)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #71 • View online
This week was the submissions deadline for Magick, Music and Ritual 16! It’s going to happen! Also, I’ve got a new 2nd Brimstone Apparel offer, this time for all Patrons; Sonia Greene and Lady Dimitrescu, BEWARE candy red memes, criticism, reminders, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Magick, Music and Ritual 16
Deadline for Magick, Music and Ritual 16 (and TINAHLAA -3!) was yesterday! So, now I get to work on getting playlists sorted and all that stuff I have to do before release, which for the anthology will be early December, on the library’s birthday anniversary! This will, I know I’ve said, the 10th year of anthologies, but it’s also the 25th of the library itself being online!
Meanwhile, whilst waiting for that, you can check out all the previous releases over on the library’s Bandcamp, but also search for Hermetic Library on your favourite digital streaming service and you should find both MMR12 and MMR1 there!
It occurs to me that I’ve never set up an album on the streaming services prior to release. I’m a little hesitant because I’m usually right on the wire with getting all the stuff done, and having artists sanity check their profiles, and all the things, but I might maybe think about possibly trying? Slim chance, but I’m going to consider it!
Brimstone Apparel
I was talking with Brimstone Apparel and we wanted to find a way to include everyone in the fun, so we decided to offer a 20% off coupon for all Patrons for this spooky season!
As you know, back on September 1st, and running through at least the end of October, in collaboration with Brimstone Apparel, as especial thanks from us both, we’re running an exclusive limited-time 100% off special offer for the new Saturn (Fashionist) tier.
But, we wanted to extend our thanks to everyone as part of spooky season. And we thought of this idea.
So, if you’re already a Patron, head to the post on Patreon for your discount code, but if not then consider becoming a Patron at any pledge tier to grab it!
Sonia Greene
Check out this thread for some interesting historical facts about Sonia H Greene, who was married for a while to H P Lovecraft.
Bobby D.
1 like = 1 fact about Lovecraft's wife, Sonia H. Greene
Um. Hold on. “Junoesque and commanding, with superb dark eyes and hair, she was too regal …”
Lady Dimitrescu and Sonia!
Lady Dimitrescu and Sonia!
You may know that people are, quite rightly, roasting the living hell out of a ridiculous panic-mongering “news story” about expensive, clearly-labeled edibles that in no way ended up in anyone’s candy pile a month before Halloween. I’m not going to say they’re lying, but, yes, I am: they’re lying.
I mentioned this in an Omnium Gatherum, but I also joined in with the meme fun dunking this on Twitter after seeing a Tweet by Existential Comics.
Existential Comics
BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, parents need to make sure to LOOK at your child’s candy. Some people are giving out what looks like normal candy, but turns out to be Karl Marx's classic critique of capitalism "Das Kaptial", in the original German. https://t.co/iaqMH30Und
BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, higher guardians are warning parents to LOOK at your child’s candy before they eat it. What looks like some other innocent red book, like Das Kapital, or Mao’s, or Jung’s, is actually promulgating the Law of Thelema!
And, definitely don’t discuss the contents, lest your children be shunned!
♬ Mommas, ♫ don’t let your babies grow up ♪ to be Centres of Pestilence ♫
Wise to destroy any copy you find after the first reading.
BEWARE! A sample of a few red books with a red rock from Sedona
BEWARE! A sample of a few red books with a red rock from Sedona
Jonathan Korman

As Halloween gets closer, the SCP Foundation is warning parents to NEVER look at your child's candy.

What looks like some other innocent red book, like ‘Das Kapital’, or Mao’s, or Jung’s, is actually a copy of the ‘Necronomicon’, and reading it would drive you mad! https://t.co/vTLqI8r6qR https://t.co/mYMiwrzr75
It’s best to operate under the principle of “there is no Halloween candy” just to be on the safe side. Never mention candy, certainly do not commit to writing any trick or treating plans, and when wearing a costume be extra careful not to have that creature subsume your identity.
Best to store all alien candy in an inverted containment unit and consider actively lacing your child’s morning cereal with dust from class Z mnestic capsules.
(For additional practical advice on this topic, check out qntm’s There Is No Antimemetics Division.)
BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, the Men in Black are warning parents to LOOK at your child’s candy before they get sucked down a rabbit hole. Normal candy red books and YA fiction are being replaced with purported stolen classified Blue Book reports!
BEWARE: As the marriage of Peleus and Thetis gets closer, the oracles are warning the gods to LOOK at what gets tossed in the midst of the candy feast, lest there be a golden apple inscribed τῇ καλλίστῃ!
Or, counterpoint: let it happen!
BEWARE: As the end of Empire gets closer, the self-proclaimed upstanding moral people of the Republic are warning debauched and virtueless party goers to LOOK for rose petals in your orgy of candy to avoid being smothered by the murderous seductions of Emperor Heliogabalus!
Or, counterpoint: fiddle and diddle away in the flowers. Enjoy the party. Fuck it.
Uh oh. I think I hear the distant horrible din of another Thelemic wild hunt of many furiously chasing one that dared enter their dark woods.
Not a good look for the community to be always so ready to hunt people down.
The part where the community reacts by creating enemies and monsters in response to anyone who expresses dissent is a form of bullying, and seems to me to be a pattern of behaviour that recurs over time.
The recurring pattern of behaviour in the way the Thelemic community responds to people talking about it, and let me be clear this is people both inside and outside the community that receive this treatment, should give everyone, inside and outside, pause.
On the other hand, anyone harboring any lingering doubts about whether Thelema is a religion (legal classification or otherwise), should have a clear answer now. It sure quacks like an old aeon duck.
The Thelemic community’s response to criticism is triggering to anyone that’s been on the receiving end of it, should be an embarrassment to anyone engaged in it, and a warning sign to anyone seeing it.
And the piling on, the badgering, making it exhausting to bring up; that’s all part of the point, whether the people doing it are conscious of that or not (some are, some aren’t).
This quick piling on to confront criticism does nothing to self-reflect on the critique. And when the target of the pile retreats, the self-congratulatory echo chamber of those left with themselves in the pile up becomes a self-congratulatory echo chamber, a self-love bomb that denies what actually just happened and reinforces both the lack of reflection and the social mechanism of attacking critics.
As could also be said of California as a generalization, where OTO was revived, the community is not nearly as progressive as it thinks it is.
Brimstone Apparel 20% off coupon for all Patrons this spooky season!
Brimstone Apparel 100% off special offer collaboration
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