Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #33 (I'm not sure if my eyes aren't still a little bit stuck from how hard they rolled)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #33 (I'm not sure if my eyes aren't still a little bit stuck from how hard they rolled)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #62 • View online
This week I’ve got a 12 year anniversary, Charles Dickens, softblocking, Murmur, Resurrections, propaganda, reminders, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Unicursal WORK Propaganda
Unicursal WORK Propaganda
12 years
Twitter just reminded me that I’ve been on that platform, as Hermetic Library, for 12 years now.
I created that Twitter account, and other social media, not long after I took over Hermetic Library. 12 years is lot of time twittering about stuff at the library!
Thinking about how long it’s been, I’ve almost reached the point where I’ve been Librarian longer than I wasn’t, in the overall life of the site.
On the other hand, I recently made the mistake of looking at the growth metrics across all my social media. Why is it that the social media platform I hate most has the largest following, the biggest growth, and yet the least people reached? Clearly the lesson is that I should hate more platforms, post about something completely different than I do, and pay the equivalent of a small country’s GDP to boost those posts.
But, yeah, 12 years!
Charles Dickens
Scottish comedian Eleanor Morton posted a goof on Charles Dickens reading hate mail.
So I shared that with Jordan Stratford, author of The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency (among other things). Just something fun related to Ada and Mary’s friend Charles, whilst waiting patiently, if you please, not meaning to be rude, for the show … (Yeah, there’s a show in development based on that series! By the by, check out the crowdfunding effort for Anne of Green Gables: Vampire Hunter.)
Georgina Rose ✶
yikes. unfollowed. was a big fan of this thelema thing until I found out that crowley was supposed to be enjoying his vacation and he started channeling a holy text?? like shouldn't he have spent that time with his girl and kept the whole "book of the law" thing in the drafts.
Get you a prophet who can softblock both. Divorce one, lose one behind the skis.
To be fair, I suspect but cannot prove that there is a specific point recorded in the manuscript of Liber AL where Crowley was getting a hummer under the table. Or two.
One of the things I did this week was add a few more pages to the web version of the Goetia at Norton’s Imperium, one of the classics of magick that the late Benjamin Rowe had put together. I was going to only add 10, but the 11th was Murmur. And, I couldn’t not add an extra for Murmur.
Murmur ends up getting cameos in some surprising places, over the years. Back in 2013, Murmur popped up on a prop in the TV show Sleepy Hollow. Someone in the prop department came up with this, and I’ll probably never know if they did it on purpose or they just grabbed something something for it. But, the most painful part is how supposedly well-versed-in-such-things Ichabod looks at it and then calls it an Egyptian Hieroglyphic, ffs.
Ichabod's so-called "Egyptian hieroglyphs"
Ichabod's so-called "Egyptian hieroglyphs"
Ichabod’s so-called “Egyptian hieroglyphs” literally identifies itself as “Murmur” written in the Latin alphabet! It’s right there! Blarg! I’m not sure if my eyes aren’t still a little bit stuck from how hard they rolled at that back then.
In 2016, I noticed Murmur make an appearance in the webcomic Erwin and the Method Demons.
Later on in 2017, I note all these and more in my review of Straw Boss, a supplement for the Fate RPG system, where Murmur also appears.
It’s always interesting and fun to notice these cameos when they happen. There’s a few of the Goetic entities that show up a lot, and others that even I tend to forget about until I see them again, like when I’m editing a page about them!
Richard Kaczynski posts on social media whenever he sees cards from Crowley’s Thoth deck in the media. But, I’m not sure anyone’s doing that for Goetia. (As an aside, I also remember catching the use of Theban glyphs in the library window in the show The Witches of East End.) It’s fun to catch stuff like that which isn’t particularly called out or highlighted.
(As an aside, one of the most fruitful versions of this kind of project to notice things I’ve found is to look for instances of the Runes. They show up everywhere, since they are essentially shapes that occur, both in human made stuff but also naturally, all the time. It occurs to me that the Geomantic figures might also, but I’ve not tried noticing them. Might be worthy of an experiment!)
Since the first movie raised so many literary and esoteric issues, though I felt the next 2 in the series didn’t live up to that point, I have been paying attention to the news of The Matrix 4.
I watched a previous preview and was a bit meh. But this to that is like the difference between the two The Many Saints of Newark previews. I’m digging it now. Way more hopeful about it!
The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer | HBO Max
The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer | HBO Max
Interestingly, for me, both better The Matrix 4 and The Many Saints of Newark trailers are notable for using music well. Go figure.
I’ll watch The Matrix 4 either way, but I sure do hope that it does some interesting philosophical stuff. The “resurrections” part makes me already feel tired of the clearly Christian connotation, so I hope it turns out better than the last Harry Potter.
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