Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #25 (these four lads stuck in your teeth altering the zodiac)



Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #25 (these four lads stuck in your teeth altering the zodiac)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #39 • View online
This week I’ve these four lads, stuck in your teeth, altering the zodiac, collaborating on digital preservation, reminders, quotes, reviews, updates, and more!
Still on follower milestone watch on Pinterest, but getting very close to 3k indeed! For the record, we’re not too close to a milestone elsewhere atm, but across everything there’s over 100k followers total on various social media platforms. I sure still do hope even just 1% of them would join you all as subscribers to this free weekly newsletter by end of year. I’ll continue to dream about eventually 10% down the road … that would really be something!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

These four lads
Before me Raphael, Behind me Gabriel, On my right hand Michael, On my left hand Auriel, for about me flames the Norwegian wood, and in the Column stands Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
The Four Horsemen of the Britpop. The Four Archliverpudlians. Salt, Sulphur, Mercury, and Ringo.
Hapi, Imsety, Duamutef, & Qebehsen
All you need is love is the law.
Will you still kill me, will you still fill me
When AIWASS’s 93
Stuck in your teeth
Lucifero, c. 1450-75
Lucifero, c. 1450-75
“Pardon me, sir, but I thought you’d want to know. You appear to have something stuck in your teeth.”
“You know, right now, I really miss when there was a mask mandate everywhere.”
I’m telling my kids this is Attack on Titan
Altering the zodiac
Andrew Snowdon (he/they//him/them)
Some of you have undiagnosed astrology, and it shows
Burroughs noted the bomb as proving the second and final death. Space brozillionares launch waves of universe obscuring satellites shaped into new programable constellations so no one succumbs to celestial machinery of fate from above again … without a monthly subscription.
horseless desperado(he/him)
@snobiwan Has anyone suggested that Darth Vader built the death star to adjust his astrological alignments?
Andrew Snowdon (he/they//him/them)
“Lord Vader, you have Alderaan in Scorpio” ok well what if I didn’t https://t.co/yg54JuxwOE
I have altered the Zodiac. Pray I don’t alter it any further.
This Deal's Getting Worse All The Time | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
This Deal's Getting Worse All The Time | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
Collaborate on digital preservation
Hey, the more preservation projects the better, I feel; there’s so much to do! I know there’s projects out there, and, of course, I consider Hermetic Library to be one. If you ever wanted to collaborate with me on preserving & presenting the contents of your library or other materials, let me know!
Generally, I’m open to people helping with material that interests them; that they are motivated and curious about themselves. And, I’m especially interested in material that isn’t currently available elsewhere; but there’s a whole lot of important material related to the subject matter of Hermetic Library that could be on the site, that supports and enhances the existing material. I’ve written before about ideas I have for how to help and that Hermetic Library is seeking others, and I’ve occasionally posted more specific ideas about research topics not currently on the site that would be great to explore.
But, there’s plenty of room for people to work on other things they find interesting, and that would improve the site and make more information available to the community, that I haven’t thought of doing, or have time and energy to do myself! I mean, let’s face it, I can only do so much even though I try to do as much as I can!
Over the years I’ve also put ideas out there that I haven’t been able to do much on.
I’d still love to work with people on Occult ’Zine, Journal and Ephemera Preservation but also, anyone with a library that wants to work on digitally preserving & presenting the contents (presuming out of copyright or proper permissions) …
Let me also encourage you to consider who in your community is an influence and to sit with them to do an oral history! If you want to preserve it with me, cool! But, preserve the living memories of practitioners for your community!
Also, if you, or someone in your community has a corpus, even if not large, of important esotericist and classicist research and practice in need of a home? Let’s talk about becoming a new Fellow!
Keep in mind that “a corpus” could also be just a few documents. Furthermore, the subject matter possible at the library may be broader than you think it is, so new Fellows need not be limited to a particular predetermined or presumed narrow scope.
(I mean, fewer than, say, 5 might not be enough to make a Fellows section per se, but there could also be ways to collect together disparate materials with others into new or existing Forms.)
But, one of the greatest opportunities for Fellows is to present material of related interest across the town-gown-tau spectrum or thoughts about the existing materials that that isn’t already presented on the site!
Call for submissions to Magick, Music, and Ritual for 2021
Call for submissions to Zine #5
Pitch an Idea
Century Guild archival reproduction antique poster special offer collaboration
Stuff at Hermetic Library to check out
Also over on the blog
Tracts on Aquarian Masonry
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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