Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #14 (Go ahead and celebrate for the entire week!)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #14 (Go ahead and celebrate for the entire week!)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #14 • View online
Hey there, erudite and beatific Subscriber! How’s it going?
Last day in April, 2021! That makes this newsletter a whole three months old now! What do you think?! I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it! Let me know what you like so far. I mean, you can also let me know what you don’t like so far, if needs must, I suppose.
But, thanks for coming along for the ride! By subscribing to this newsletter you’re helping me actually reach you without being silenced by algorithms or drowned out by other things. This is a way to make sure you don’t miss anything, and is a way for me to actually stay in touch with you about what’s going on at Hermetic Library.
Also, I have hopes that at some point there will be even more cool things that I can do with this newsletter when there’s enough engaged subscribers. It’s still early days. But, honestly, I don’t know at what point I can start to really entice others to participate with fun and interesting content. At some point that’s going to be a thing though, when there’s enough subscribers and if there’s a high enough open rate metric, and we’re well on our way even if I don’t know exactly when we’ll get there! But, either way, for my own part, I still feel that this newsletter has been a success since I can actually reach people who subscribe, and so far definitely do reach more people by percentage of the total who open this thing each week, than I do on any social media platform. Just, not yet quite so many yet subscribed here, but that’s okay! You’re here, and that’s what matters, right!? Haha!
For my part, this has been a busy week. I’ve gone from DSL, which I’ve had for the last couple years after the cable company doubled their rates, to brand new Fibre, recently installed to my neighborhood, and now have 1 Gpbs speed to my home. I worked at one of the first commercial ISPs back in the 90s, and we ran our entire business on 3 T1 (1Mbps each) and later upgraded to a T3 (54Mbps) on which we supported 10,000 customers. Back then, through work, I had upgraded from dialup to ISDN (128 Kbps) to an actual T1 to my home, and I thought that was blindingly fast! Hey, but, also, my very first modem even, when I was a kid, was 300 baud, or 0.3 Kbps, and I had to manually dial the phone and then unplug the cord from handset and swap it to the modem before the other side hung up! Now I’ve got a symmetrical 1 Gbps to just me and the cats. Wild.
Also, I’m sad to say that the 100 year old walnut tree in my backyard has died. Two years ago it dropped an astronomical number of walnuts. Last year, hardly any. Now I notice that it’s stared to lean more and more, and had someone come check it out. It’s rotting at the root, and had to be removed before it takes out the utilities and neighbor’s shed and pool. Poor thing! But, last year I planted a bunch of new native plants, so, you know, maybe in another 100 years there will be some more trees where that old one once was!
Oh, and there’s a beaver outside my office window right now. What the heck?! Aw, it realized I was watching, trying to get a picture, and ran off already. I mean, it looked exactly like a beaver, but … it didn’t seem to have a beaver tail and I didn’t see a longer rat tail like a nutria or muskrat? The tail was kinda bunny-like?! IDEK. Imma say it was a beaver until I learn different.
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Walpurgisnacht, May Day, and Beltane
Have a wild night whoopin’ it up tonight with the witches, for Walpurgisnacht!
And, solidarity for May Day tomorrow!
And, also tomorrow, I hope you are careful jumping over the bonfire, or, you know, have someone to rub your burn all better, if you observe Beltane …
… but, remember that Astronomical Beltane happens on ☉ in 15° ♉ ︎ (Sun at 15° Taurus), circa May 5th, in the Northern Hemisphere, 6:36 UTC in 2021! (So, celebrate twice! Or, heck, go ahead and celebrate for the entire week!)
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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