Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #11 (What day is it?)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #11 (What day is it?)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #11 • View online
This week marks the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law for those that celebrate that event, the magical working by Aleister Crowley and Rose Kelly in 1904, at Cairo, Egypt, for three days, noon until one o'clock.
Also, you may have noticed, I didn’t send out the Newsletter on Wednesday. The metrics have been a bit soft since I moved it to Wednesday, and though there’s a lot of variables to consider, I’m going to continue the experiment of moving the day when it delivers around. Also, sending it out on the same day as an Omnium Gatherum is a lot of stuff to send out on one day, especially if I end up with people supporting the Newsletter as Members, who would then be getting both on the same day in a short span of time. So, yeah, I’ve definitely talked myself into moving the day. I’ve been waffling on what day to try though: Saturday (even though there’s an OG that goes out the very next day) or Friday (which would put more space between them, but I have this feeling that sending the Newsletter on Friday might be getting it lost as people wind down their week). Not absolutely sure yet, but I’ve not tried Saturday yet, so let’s give that a go for a little bit and see how that feels.
This week I got the next Postal Exchange for Patrons ready to go out, so that’s spiffy! I also need to start thinking about putting together what I have for another issue of the Zine, which I’d like to put out at Aphelion, in July; and if there’s not enough to put out another call for stuff and try for Perihelion in 2022 instead. And, of course, I’m also starting to think about the next anthology, Magick, Music and Ritual 16, for 2021 / An V:vii, and this year’s Patron and Subscriber exclusive This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -3. And, I have to get settled on what Patreon merch to create for the last new tier next month, after having just added wall posters, which I’ll mention below, before I start wrapping around and replacing designs. There’s a lot of stuff to do that’s quickly coming up!
In other news, I’m about to give up on the experiment I started of switching from highlighting links at Amazon to highlighting links to Bookshop. It’s been a failure. The numbers of people that use Bookshop links has been vanishingly, calculus of zero, small. I’d love to leave Amazon, for various reasons, as the primary featured link to books, but it’s it’s just not working. It was a great idea. I had my heart in the right place. I’ll probably still link to Bookshop along with everything else, as an option for people, even though linking to all the things takes a lot of work, but I just don’t see that having Bookshop as the primary destination for links to books makes any sense if almost no one uses them. Bummer.
In other, other news, there was a utility guy here this week marking out various existing buried cables from the house to the utility corridor in preparation for laying and burying the new fibre drop. That means things are definitely moving along at pace for 1 Gbps service. 
And, as always, I worked on the website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

New series of four posters for Patrons
Here’s a sneak peek at a series of new propaganda posters I added new this month for Patrons: “Love is the law”, “Love is the law” Rainbow, “Do what thou wilt”, and “Know Will Dare Keep Silent” in 12x18 inch matte finish!
This is part of this year’s ongoing experiment in creating Patreon merch, and there’s already a whole bunch of things including mini prints, stickers, mugs, and now posters. I’ve got a little bit more completely new stuff to add next month, but after that I’ll start rotating out old designs for new ones, starting with the mini print.
Once I’ve rotated out a design, it may not ever come back in that format again, so … if you want to collect them all, to get one, now’s the time to join the erudite and beatific Patrons that support my work and help keep Hermetic Library going and growing online!
Postal Exchange
Folding, cutting, collating, & stuffing Postal Exchange envelopes
Folding, cutting, collating, & stuffing Postal Exchange envelopes
Here’s a video of me stuffing postal exchange envelopes for Patrons with a Postal Exchange perk, April 2021.
Become an ongoing Patron to help me make magick and get stuff for yourself, or if you can’t right now, just send something and I’ll send something else back!
Got something for the zine?
I don’t yet have enough stuff for another issue of the zine, which I’d like to put out at Aphelion, in July. Do you have something you’ve written or created to offer for the next issue? Send it my way! And, consider letting others you know, who might be interested, about it too.
Hermetic Library Zine - Hermetic Library
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Folding, cutting, collating, & stuffing Postal Exchange envelopes for Patrons, April 2021
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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