Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #10 (Easter Eucharistic BBQ, anyone?)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #10 (Easter Eucharistic BBQ, anyone?)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #10 • View online
For my part, this week I felt Θώθ there for a moment. Thank You Lucifer and Impending Doom were both trending on Twitter, so, you know, “uh… everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you.” I experienced an epic and sketchy Saga of the Post Office, remembered dreams of an earthy past, and subtweeted the state of Georgia. Also, I added a bunch of entries on Hermeneuticon, got something in the mail, and, as always, worked on the website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Felt Θώθ. Might mummify later.
Felt Θώθ. Might write about it later.
Felt Θώθ. Might wisely pontificate about it later.
Felt Θώθ. Might influence all of Western philosophy later.
Felt Θώθ. Might ask the Tarot about it later.
Felt Θώθ. Might call Gaṇeśa about starting a book club later.
Thank You Lucifer
The Commentaries of AL Chapter II by Motta
The Commentaries of AL Chapter II by Motta
Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries
Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries
Impending Doom
"Impending Doom" at Historicus Verus
"Impending Doom" at Historicus Verus
"Impending Devil" at The Court of the Profane
"Impending Devil" at The Court of the Profane
Saga of the Post Office
I had to “reschedule” two deliveries that never delivered the first time but fell into a black hole at my local US Post Office for a whole week. I suppose this is the new normal.
Prior to rescheduling, after waiting a few days for them to actually deliver, I actually went in. They didn’t even ask for my tracking numbers, just my address. They claimed they couldn’t find them. Then they claimed they were still processing them, so they couldn’t release them. Then they said they’d deliver them that day. (Narrator voice: they didn’t deliver them.)
For the record, solidarity with postal workers! I’d fully support them going on strike, and #FireDeJoy … but, I absolutely don’t support them lying to my face or falsifying tracking data about delivery attempts that never happened, or whatever they are actually doing in there.
When it is the bosses that are trying to sabotage and intensify the work, I’m not sure it is good labor strategy to punch down.
Curiouser and curiouser! A few hours after I called non-local USPS to “reschedule” for the next day, some random ass “You don’t look like a mailman” “Oh, I’m not” guy in a non postal vehicle shows up with my undelivered missing packages!
Not a Postal Worker
Not a Postal Worker
One item, shipped without an extra box, revealing what it was. Guy says, “That sure looks nice!” Uh huh. I bet it did.
Earthy Memories
I was a kid in the ‘70s. I have a graduate degree in Whole Systems Design. My dark academia hobbitcore includes no small amount of gnomishness. I’ve been to Arcosanti. (Anyone else put that on their bucket list after watching In Search Of … Future Life?) I’ve had a thing for the idea of earth sheltered hobbit holes for as long as I can remember. How about you?
But, you know, I’m kinda more into being able to see sunshine nowadays, after escaping basements and other depths, if I’m honest.
To seek to swerve is to suffer
“Every star must calculate its own orbit. All is Will, and yet all is Necessity. To swerve is ultimately impossible; to seek to swerve is to suffer.
… every man, and every woman, and every intermediately-sexed individual, shall be absolutely free” —New Comment, I, 51
Things to check out at Hermetic Library
Over on the blog
I’m with the Bears
The World of Charles Addams
Mail call
If he rises any farther he’s going get ⚡ electrocuted ⚡ on that power line up there! Zap! Easter Eucharistic BBQ, anyone?
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John Bell the Librarian
By John Bell the Librarian

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