Weekly newsletter of Herman Maritz - Issue #1





Weekly newsletter of Herman Maritz - Issue #1
By Herman Cake • Issue #1 • View online
No idea what I’m going to do with this Newsletter. I will fill it with things, books, stories I’ve encountered in the last week. But actually, I set myself the goal to improve my writing skills in 2021. I want to get better at writing narratives.
Forcing myself to publish something every week is one way to get better at it.
O: Get WAY BETTER at communicating narratives 
KR: Publish 1 newsletter a week (at least 100 words)
KR: Get feedback from people
^ and let’s not make this about the number of subscribers.
This newsletter has exactly 100 words. 

Herman Maritz
If I would brave enough to do a newsletter, would anyone care? https://t.co/OMRRDUPJbS
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Herman Cake

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