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The one explaining why I'm doing this

The one explaining why I'm doing this
By Herman Cake • Issue #6 • View online
Check out this Twitter thread from James Clear (Atomic Habits book):
Writing is hard for me.
Every time I sit down to write something that others will read, I hear voices saying mean things:
  • You have an inflated ego.
  • Why should anyone care what you have to say?
  • You’re not good at this, don’t waste your time.
  • What will Anne, Bob and Charlie think of me if they read this?
But this is just noise is holding me back - it doesn’t matter. I want to get better at writing.
For the last year, I’ve been journaling weekly, and it’s been a great help for me to keep calm and focused on what matters during the Lockdown. But also, it’s been improving my writing skills. I’m by no means a good writer, but for sure, it’s easier to get my thoughts typed out.
This year I wanted to start sharing more thoughts publically. Simply because I believe I need it to reach the next level in my journey. So why I’m writing, and publishing is simple:
I want to get better at writing.
I expect some benefits of writing more in the long run:
  • Writing is hard work for me, and I want the skill to be more accessible. So I can write anything on a whim.
  • I recently worked with someone who loved writing. I could see this is something that would benefit my work.
  • I’m an introvert; I think having some stories in the back of my mind will help me connect better with people.
Let’s see.
Thanks for supporting my journey, and feedback is appreciated.


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