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Special 100th Issue: Launch of My New Book "The Book of Crypto"​ and Merger with Leading Gaming, Esports and Metaverse Media Firm (#100 - 23 May 2022)

The Future of Money with Henri Arslanian
Special 100th Issue: Launch of My New Book "The Book of Crypto"​ and Merger with Leading Gaming, Esports and Metaverse Media Firm (#100 - 23 May 2022)
By Henri Arslanian • Issue #94 • View online
In this very special 100th issue of the newsletter, I want to personally thank you all for all of your support of my educational content over the years.
More than 600,000 of you follow my content every week from over 140 countries. My content is now available in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese on different channels, from LinkedIn and Twitter to newsletters and podcasts.  
In this special issue, I want to announce two exciting developments: the merger of Arslanian Media with Holodeck Media and the launch of my next book, “The Book of Crypto.”
Here we go!

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Special 100th Issue: Launch of My New Book “The Book of Crypto” and Merger of Arslanian Media to Create the Leading Crypto, Gaming, Esports and Metaverse Integrated Media Firm!
In this special 100th issue of my newsletter, I’d like to announce two major developments.
First, last week I revealed that my media company that produces all of the content that you see (Arslanian Media) is merging with New York’s Holodeck Media, the leading gaming and esports content producer. This merger will give birth to the world’s leading integrated crypto, gaming, and metaverse content entity. 
All of your favorite shows, from your Crypto Capsule to this Future of Money newsletter, will join the Holodeck family, linking up with shows like Business of Esports and META Business, which cover the business side of gaming and esports and the business aspects of the metaverse, respectively.
The new combined entity has a collective following of over 1 million individuals, with literally millions of impressions on social media every day.
So if you’re interested in the business side of esports, as well as the metaverse, make sure to follow some of this existing excellent content. You can find the latest episode of The Business of eSports here and the latest episode of Meta Business here.
Here is a fun video that shows the merged content:
Second, I am excited to exclusively announce to all you newsletter subscribers the launch of my next book entitled “The Book of Crypto.” I will make the public announcement in the coming days but wanted this select community to be aware before anyone else. 
In 492 pages, the book provides a thorough overview of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets and their impact on the future of money and finance. The book provides a 360-degree practical, concise, and engaging overview of all the topics anyone interested in digital assets needs to know about, including how Bitcoin and Ethereum work, an overview of the most important digital assets in the market, and deep dives into the various types of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, CBDCs, utility tokens, security tokens, NFTs, and many others. 
The book also covers all of the essentials in today’s crypto landscape, like DeFi, crypto mining, crypto regulations, crypto investors, crypto exchanges, and other ecosystem players, as well as some of the latest global crypto trends, from Web3 and the metaverse to DAOs and quantum computing.
You can order a copy here.
It took me over two years to write, so I hope that you find it useful!
It’s been a wonderful journey since I started this newsletter two years ago, growing beyond my wildest expectations, and I couldn’t be happier to have you all sharing it with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support.
Already looking forward to the next 100 issues!
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See you all next week!! 
Henri Arslanian
*Please note that this newsletter reflects Henri’s personal views and not those of any organisation he is involved with. This newsletter is for educational purposes only and none of its content should be construed as investment or financial advice of any kind. 
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