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[ICON Newsletter #7] Our Thriving Global and Decentralized Community

Steadily and continuously our ecosystem strengthens and expands. As we have always said, a blockchain
[ICON Newsletter #7] Our Thriving Global and Decentralized Community
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Steadily and continuously our ecosystem strengthens and expands. As we have always said, a blockchain’s value comes from the strength of its community and we think we have one of the best grassroots communities in the entire space. That’s why this week we’re focusing on some of the activities led by you. But before that, let’s take a look at some of the other key highlights for the week.
  • Weekly on-chain activity increases over 100% vs. December 2019 levels. We expect this to grow even further in 2020.
  • Main P-reps lower i_rep to 42,782, down ~8% since the 1st P-rep governance meeting.
  • 42% of circulating supply staked, vs. 40% 1-month ago.
  • ICON network continues to expand with 105 P-reps.
  • ICX_Station releases the first part of the 30+ page series on ICON’s technologyICON, deconstructed.
  • Reliant Node opens a beta test group for MyIconWallet. Limited spots are available!
  • Kraken Intelligence releases a never before seen pitch with ICON Founder, Min Kim, and Ricky Dodds. It’s from September 2019, but it’s worth checking out!
  • Rhizome P-rep hosts the 2nd P-rep Community Meeting to continue discussing ICON ecosystem enhancements.
  • ICONBoom P-rep hosts local meetup in London, UK.
  • Everstake hosts lecture on #ICONProject with Ukrainian college students.
  • sees good traction. 4 P-reps have already proposed a vote to their delegators and 15 P-reps registered.
  • 13 grant requests thus far in February, up 44% over January. Keep them coming!
  • ICONLOOP makes headlines once again with two Coindesk articles highlighting the increased scope of myID and an update on blockchain-based voting with the Seoul Metro Government.

Thank you,
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council

#1 ALT Rank multiple days this week!
We were the #1 Altcoin for our social media presence this week. This engagement has been a major asset in on-boarding new ICONists and we see these efforts reflected in our weekly wallet growth stats and daily active wallets. Keep it up!
Our offline engagement is increasing as well
We believe offline events are critical to our expansion in 2020 as we look to increase the number of global ICONists! Last week we highlighted the IConnect Global team from Kenya. They held an offline dev meetup in Nairobi. Follow the team on Twitter.
IConnect Global
The developer community in Nairobi is excited about the promise the ICON network offers, and we look forward to real-world solutions to come from this demographic
2:56 AM - 14 Feb 2020
This week, we were excited to see more offline events. ICONBoom hosted an event in London, discussing #ICONProject and introducing our mobile wallet, ICONex, and the staking feature.
Great event last night. Thanks for everyone who made it.

We opened lots of wallets, educated and welcomed many of the blockchain community, transacted in ICX and signed a new developer for our team!

Looking forward to the next one.


12:49 AM - 20 Feb 2020
Additionally, Everstake hosted an event with university students in Ukraine discussing the growing $ICX ecosystem. We think universities are a great way to tap into young and hungry developer talent.
The desire to teach makes all difference when it comes to young minds👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓

@bo_opryshko from Everstake has conducted a meeting in one of the Kyiv colleges😉🏫

He presented the #ICON blockchain and discussed ecosystem possibilities🧨

More students have to know about the $ICX
6:41 AM - 19 Feb 2020
In fact, we will be participating in a Blockchain at Berkeley event next month (March 10th). If you’re in the San Francisco area, please stop by. Developers or general participants are welcome!
Calling all #iconists in the bay area or anyone interested in learning more about the #ICONProject. We'll be hosting @helloiconworld at UC Berkeley for people interested in the project. Beginners and developers are welcome! Find out more here
11:34 AM - 23 Feb 2020
Despite Korean roots, you can see ICON is truly a global project and we look forward to showcasing more of our worldwide community.  
Keep the grant proposals coming!
The grant page at is seeing more traction this month led by both community and 3rd party proposals. We’re encouraged by the interest and are looking forward to funding more projects and initiatives through the Foundation block rewards and treasury.
Remember, we want the community’s voice to be heard in this process. Please leave comments in the proposal threads or express your interest through the newly added voting feature. We consider all your feedback in the review process.
As you know, the Foundation is reinvesting all of its block rewards into the ecosystem and these grants will play a major part in the budget. Please submit your proposals here.
ICYMI: Check out all the community built tools!
One of our favorite community tools is built by Blockmove. Here you can see latest on-chain stats including:
  • Historical daily transactions
  • Cumulative transactions
  • Cumulative wallets
  • Daily users
  • Blocktime data
  • Daily fees
Additionally, you can check out the staking economics (iconomics) for the network including: 1) how much of the new daily rewards go to P-reps vs. delegators, 2) the current inflation rate, 3) unique voters and 4) total users. Here is a screenshot:
Blockmove also tracks the transaction data for all the DApps on ICON’s platform. We’re grateful to have such a talented team in our ecosystem. is another great community built tool. It’s great because it helps align incentives between delegators and P-reps on important decisions. This could include governance, funding, or any other important topics. For example, ICON DAO recently launched a vote for their delegator community discussing i_rep.
First vote proposal from @ICONDAO:

ICON DAO i_rep Rewards Vote

1) Increase I_Rep: 60,000
2) Maintain I_Rep: 50,000
3) Decrease I_Rep: 40,000

Vote ending in 10 days. Go Vote on!
3:59 PM - 20 Feb 2020
Also, ICONBet Community P-rep recently used to pass its P-rep reward usage plan. Over 50% of the node’s ~1 million in delegation voted on the plan and unanimously approved it. Now, the team will create smart contracts to control the funding allocations based on the proposal. Congrats to all involved!
Community content creation has been amazing
We are lucky to have such diverse talents in our ecosystem. We’ve seen everything from amazing comics, top flight video production and even a Star Wars intro that is a must watch. This type of content is critical to engage outside communities and we want to help produce more of this type of content throughout the remainder of the year. Please reach out to us if you would like to collaborate!
Read the first #ICX Comics:"Why you have to stake #ICON?" and learn more about #ICONProject!

New comics are coming soon🧐
@helloiconworld @minhokim @_BongAnHa @iconcm @Dr_ICON_Lee @Jaykim_ICON @Daily_ICX @hihenrylee @ICONDAO @VelicFinancial @Spl3en_ICON @IconRepublic @IcxStation
2:10 AM - 4 Feb 2020
Other ecosystem news
ICONLOOP made headlines again in Korea. This time, the team was featured in two Coindesk articles. One highlighting the increased scope for myID and the other discussing blockchain-based voting for Seoul Metro Government.
myID will now be allowed to open non face-to-face account openings. This is a critical step for mass adoption and adds additional scope to ICONLOOP’s FinTech regulatory sandbox.
Obtaining approval for non-face2face account opening / sign up from the FSC was a CRITICAL WIN for MyID to get to mass adoption. The stage is set for this spring/summer launch!
7:19 AM - 21 Feb 2020
Seoul Metro announced their plan to use blockchain-based voting. Remember this platform is built using ICONLOOP’s loopchain core engine, the same core engine running ICON’s public chain. We extremely excited about this development. Voting could come as early as Mid-May. Stay tuned!
Ricky Dodds
ICONLOOP completed the blockchain based voting last year but it took several months to integrate with legacy systems. Now, it's ready to launch!👀 #ICONProject $ICX
7:00 PM - 20 Feb 2020
Lastly, Josh Choi, Chief Communications Officer for ICONLOOP gave a presentation at the Hashnet Conference on the ‘Future of myID and Digital ID’. Thanks ICON DAO for the video and english subtitles!
ICONLOOP Josh Choi 'Future of MyID and Digital ID' Hashnet 2020 Blockchain Conference Presentation.
ICONLOOP Josh Choi 'Future of MyID and Digital ID' Hashnet 2020 Blockchain Conference Presentation.
In case you missed it:
Check out these never-before-seen footages from ICON's special video archives
Check out these never-before-seen footages from ICON's special video archives
Kraken Intelligence & ICON Foundation Webinar
Kraken Intelligence & ICON Foundation Webinar
ICON, deconstructed - Hello ICON World - Medium
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