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[ICON Newsletter #6] New Roadmap Update + New DeFi Project?!

[ICON Newsletter #6] New Roadmap Update + New DeFi Project?!
By ICON Newsletter • Issue #6 • View online
Key Highlights
  • ICON Foundation releases the 2020 Roadmap Update for our technology development organized around 4 key themes.
  • Our community is excited about Balanced Network, a new DeFi project on ICON. The project is a full-on collaboration between ICX Station, PARROT9, Galen Danziger of Mousebelt, and Dan Brehmer of iBriz-ICONosphere.
  • ICON network hits our goal of 100 P-reps. ICON is more decentralized than ever before.
  • 2 grant recipients, Reliant Node and Sharpn publish first development update reports on MyIconWallet mobile app and, respectively.
  • ICON Foundation hosts 1st P-rep Governance Meeting to discuss ways to improve ICON Incentive Score System (IISS), our staking and block reward distribution system.
  • Catalyst P-rep hosts the 1st P-rep Community Meeting to discuss what everyone can focus on to bring more value to the ICON ecosystem.
  • IConnect Global P-rep hosts local dev meetup in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • The ICON project is featured at ETHDenver 2020 by Fortmatic.
  • ICONLOOP opens a new office in Busan, Korea!
Of all the accomplishments in the past week, the most exciting part is seeing our P-reps collaborating and hustling to bring more value to the ICON network. As you may be aware, ICON is unique in that we are one of the very few projects with a true grass-roots community. ICON extends beyond what the core team is doing in Korea such as #BROOF, which was extensively covered in the last week’s newsletter (BTW, some say it was the best one we’ve published, so go read it!). All the organic community activities that are happening truly exemplifies the power of the ICON project.

Thank you,
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council

Clear goals are outlined in the 2020 Roadmap
4 Key Themes in 2020 Roadmap Update
4 Key Themes in 2020 Roadmap Update
We believe the four (4) categories mentioned above represent the most important focus areas for our expanding ecosystem and will help us to onboard new network participants and improve the incentive structures for contribution.
Read the full announcement.
2020 Roadmap Update - Medium
Surprise of the week goes to...
Balanced Network is a new DeFi project on ICON
Balanced Network is a new DeFi project on ICON
The Balanced Team is excited to officially announce our $ICX DeFi project! Please read the blog post below to learn more about the collaborative effort between @IcxStation, @parrot9design, @gedanziger, and @dbrehmer.
Wow! Our P-reps are really stepping up to the plate by collaborating together. Balanced is a collaborative effort between ICX Station, PARROT9, Galen Danziger of Mousebelt, and Dan Brehmer of iBriz-ICONosphere.
According to the official announcement, Balanced is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It incentivizes people to deposit their ICX as collateral and borrow tokens pegged to the value of real world assets. The first token will be the ICON Dollar, which is pegged to USD.
Be sure to follow Balanced on Twitter and Medium for the latest updates.
Read the full announcement.
Balanced: Bringing DeFi to the ICON Ecosystem - Medium
Strong progress with grant projects
Last month, the ICON Foundation approved 2 grants:
  • MyIconWallet: Reliant Node team is building a mobile version of MyIconWallet. The original proposal can be read here.
  • Sharpn team is building an interactive tutorial to learn ICON smart contracts on its website. The original proposal can be read here.
Progress reports for those grants can be viewed thru the links below:
MyIconWallet - Report #1 - - Report #1 -
New voting feature on
We’re seeing more grant proposals come in by the day and we want the community’s voice to be heard. Click “Vote” on your favorite ideas to move them up the priority list. See the example below:
Also, drop your comments in the threads. Positive or negative comments are both encouraged. But always be respectful and polite. We review the grant applications every week!
100 P-reps! 1st Governance Meeting!
Bohdan | Everstake
The first meeting with #ICON Foundation successfully passed! IISS Revision, i_rep, P-rep Contributions and much more

Thanks to all participants @minhokim @iconviet @ubikcapital @ICONDAO @_BongAnHa @VelicFinancial @icon4 @eublockmove

P.S. Happy to discuss ICON even at 3 AM 😴💤
Coincidentally, the very first P-rep Governance Meeting happened in the same week the ICON network onboarded our 100th P-rep. 100 is a significant milestone and evidence that our network is becoming more decentralized like we originally envisioned.
The P-rep Governance Meeting #1 took place online via video conferencing at 3pm PST on February 14, 2020. The turnout was spectacular considering the timezone differences. The majority of the top 22 P-reps were in attendance and few Sub P-reps joined in as well. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss improvements of the network, specifically:
  • IISS Enhancement: Our goal is to continually work towards a fairer reward distribution for all ICON stakeholders. For the discussion, the ICON Foundation drafted Open Discussion for IISS Enhancement in the Community Forum. We plan to provide an official proposal on IISS enhancements shortly.
  • i_rep: Our goal is to moderate the network’s inflation rate. The ICON Foundation proposed to lower i_rep to target inflation below 6%. We await to see how P-reps respond in the coming weeks.
  • P-rep Contribution: Many have asked how P-reps can contribute more. The ICON Foundation proposed high-level actions that can improve active wallets and increase the number of transactions.
Watch the full meeting on our Youtube channel. The video recording is 2 hours long; therefore, we recommend turning on 2x speed.
P-rep Governance Meeting #1: IISS, i_rep, and P-rep Contribution (Feb. 14, 2020)
P-rep Governance Meeting #1: IISS, i_rep, and P-rep Contribution (Feb. 14, 2020)
P-reps are organizing their own meetings
Even without the ICON Foundation, our P-reps are organizing themselves to bring more value to the ICON ecosystem. This is simply amazing.
Meeting participants include Blockmove, Catalyst, Everstake, ICON BOOM, ICONation, Parrot9, POS Bakerz, RHIZOME, and UBIK Capital.
Watch the full meeting on Youtube. The video recording is 2 hours long; therefore, we recommend turning on 2x speed. 
ICON P-Rep Weekly Meeting #1
ICON P-Rep Weekly Meeting #1
Dev meetup in Nairobi, Kenya just happened
P-reps organizing online meetings are not enough. IConnect Global team from Kenya held an offline dev meetup in Nairobi. Follow the team on Twitter to see more event photos. We think they have the coolest logo.
IConnect Global
The developer community in Nairobi is excited about the promise the ICON network offers, and we look forward to real-world solutions to come from this demographic
ICON Project featured at ETHDenver 2020
The Fortmatic team plans to bring key management solutions to the ICON ecosystem, making the onboarding process much smoother. We hope to share more progress updates for you on this initiative.
ICX Station
Proud to announce that #ICONproject was featured at #ETHDenver by being the first blockchain partner of @fortmatic

They provide key management solutions for Ethereum ecosystem and we believe this partnership will make the onboarding process seamless for ICON ecosystem as well
ICONLOOP expands to Busan
Our presence in Korea continues to grow. We are now expanding to Busan, the second largest city in South Korea.
While ICONLOOP will keep its headquarters in Seoul, it will station three (3) employees in Busan and begin operations in March.
Read the Full Article.
ICONLOOP Selected for Busan Fintech Incubator | The Iconist
In case you missed it
VIDEO: JH Kim Money Today Interview (w/ English Subtitles)
ICON - London Meet Up 1.0 Tickets, Wed 19 Feb 2020 at 18:30 | Eventbrite
Visualizing Public Blockchain: Finance, Oracle, and Interchain | Meetup
[Share] Token Sale - Latam Cash
🔥Latam Cash IEO will be coming on VELIC.
🔥Stay focused on VELIC!
- Latam Cash:
- IOS:
- AOS:
#VELIC #IEO @latamcash
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