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ICON Newsletter #46 - Balanced is on FIRE with over $180 Million in TVL

ICON Newsletter #46 - Balanced is on FIRE with over $180 Million in TVL
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Key Highlights
  • 62.8% of the circulating supply is staked vs. 54.8% in June 2019.
  • We have seen an increase in wallet usage and transactions in the network, now over 100k a day.
  • Balanced.Network launched and continues to grow: $180 million in TVL in just a week and thousands of users!
  • Balanced also announced its strategic partners including FBG Capital, CMS Holdings, and others!
  • We’re hiring new talent into our ecosystem across many areas! Reach out if interested.
  • ICON 2.0 Testnet has launched. Check out the latest features of our new technology including IISS, Bonding, and more!
  • We also announced our monthly roadmap update. Be sure to check out the latest developments on a monthly basis.
  • NFT Bazaar launched its NFT marketplace. Check it out here!
  • There’s a new Chrome extension coming for MyIconWallet. Be apart of the first beta testers! Check it out here!
Greetings ICONists -
Balanced DAO launched with a BANG! After months of anticipation, we were excited to see the team’s hard work pay off with an AMAZING first week. The platform has already gathered ~$180 million in total value locked and has generated nearly $400k in its short existence. On top of that, the user base continues to grow with over ~2,000 users.
The collaboration between P-Reps on this initiative shows the strength and talent of our community and provides a good blueprint for further efforts to come. It’s DeFi season on ICON and it’s about to be in full swing with many exciting projects in the pipeline!
Min Kim
ICON Foundation Council Member

Balanced showing strong growth in 1 week
It’s been a long awaited launch, but it has been worth the wait. After just 1 week, Balanced has shown incredible strength and highlights our strong core $ICX community. Some stats below:
Balanced.Network snapshot after 1 week
Balanced.Network snapshot after 1 week
These are really great numbers, but sometimes it’s hard to compare across other platforms and services. Daeki Lee helps put some context around the Balanced launch using Ethereum peers. Check out his tweet thread below:
Daeki Lee
Congrats to @BalancedDAO for killing it! A quick comparison to its equivalent protocols on Ethereum.

Synthetic protocol comparison (MC/TVL): Maker (0.4x), Synthetix (1.25x), Balanced (0.1x)
Dex comparison (MC/TVL): Uniswap (2.24x), Sushiswap (0.45x), Balanced (0.15x)
Additionally, the Balanced Airdrip campaign has formally launched! Check out the details below, and claim you $BALN tokens.
Thanks for your patience. The $BALN airdrip is now live. 💧

Sign in to within the next 7 days to claim your share.

If you’re on a computer, use ICONex or a Ledger in a Chrome-based browser.

If you’re on mobile, use the MyIconWallet app browser.
ICON 2.0 Alpha Testnet!
We’re proud to announce that the alpha version of the ICON 2.0 implementation has been successfully released. To fully test this implementation publicly, we launched a new testnet, Sejong, for the community so that everyone can see and experience ICON 2.0 through ICONex and ICON Tracker for Sejong.
Network information below:
Sejong is a testnet for testing core technologies, including IISS 3.1 features, Bonding features, P-Rep Slashing features, and such. This testnet will continue to be upgraded as new updates are released and could be reset or rolled back at any time without notice. The foundation will operate 22 P-Rep nodes for testing purposes at the start, and after that, we will set up an environment for the community to operate P-Rep nodes.
More information can be found here:
ICON 2.0 Alpha Version Released!. Sejong Testnet Launched with ICON 2.0… | by ICON Foundation | Hello ICON World | Apr, 2021 | Medium
Looking for talented individuals to join the team!
We are continually looking for strong candidates to add to our top tier team. Right now, we’re in the process of on-boarding several engineers - but we’re always to looking add talented individuals across all areas including but not limited to Business Development, Operations, and Community. Interested parties should either reach out to the team members directly for more details or send an intro email to
Making some good hires for both @helloiconworld + @ICONFiWorld. Some new blood 🩸 baby!
NFT Bazaar Launches
ICONists can now mint and purchase NFTs on ICON at NFT Bazaar! Check out this new platform and support your fellow community artists!
ReliantNode updating MyIconWallet
ReliantNode gave us an update on the progress with the MyIconWallet improvements. Soon we’ll have another chrome extension available on the ICON Network! Putting that together, with MyIconWallet’s superior UX/UI will be a HUGE boost to our ecosystem!
Interested beta testers should reach out here!
ICYMI - Balanced Promotion, AMAs, Etc.
The Bitcoin Roadmap | Where Are We In The Cycle?
The Bitcoin Roadmap | Where Are We In The Cycle?
Cryptocurrency Interview: Scott Smiley, ICON Crypto Strategy
Cryptocurrency Interview: Scott Smiley, ICON Crypto Strategy
LunarCRUSH Social Listening for Cryptocurrencies
ICON currently has a #bullish🐂 Galaxy Score™ of 69/100, indicating bullish relative social + market activity vs historical $icx performance.

Breaking it down👇
Price Score 3.1/5
Social Sentiment 3.7/5
Social Impact 3/5
Correlation Rank 4/5 #iconproject
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