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ICON Newsletter #45 - ICON Aggregator Chain Begins w/ Polkadot Integration

ICON Newsletter #45 - ICON Aggregator Chain Begins w/ Polkadot Integration
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Key Highlights
  • 65.8% of the circulating supply is staked vs. 54.8% in June 2019. This decreased from 66.9% just 2 weeks ago. We believe this decrease may be due to the upcoming launch of Balanced Network where ICONists can deposit ICX for sICX.
  • Overall, we continue to see a general increase in wallet usage and transactions in the network. This aligns with our reports of a steady increase in new user additions on ICONFi according to the management team.
  • BTP working group and first BTP integration with Polkadot announced. Expect many more names to be added in the future.
  • Craft Network Alpha launched on Yeouido Testnet.
  • Seoul Citizen Reporter Certification issued on the ICON public blockchain network using Zzeung mobile app.
  • WalletX on Android launched with INS. iOS coming very soon.
  • New $ICX exchange listings on Coinone(Korea) and Tokocrypto(Indonesia).
Dear ICONists,
There’s a lot happening in ICON. ICON is layer 1 protocol. It is also known as a smart contract platform. ICON built its own highly scalable blockchain. ICON has been focus on enterprise adoption in Korea. ICON is a DAO with P-Reps and CPS. ICON is pushing DeFi and NFTs. And, of course, ICON is all about interoperability. That’s a lot to digest especially for new ICONists.
So, let’s make this simple. What is ICON?
ICON is an Aggregator Chain.
We have one ultimate goal which is to interconnect all blockchain networks. The future is multi-chain and ICON will aggregate them all to make it simple for users.
ICON will connect all private and public blockchains. ICON will allow NFTs on other networks to be purchased on ICON, and vice versa. ICON will allow $ICX to be used in DeFi products on other blockchains. But, most importantly, all of this will be done in a very elegant way with BTP, our secret sauce.
We are extremely excited about sharing BTP rollout updates with you. This is going to be fun!

ICON Tech Roadmap Update
Another reminder that the ICON Foundation provides an update to our tech roadmap at the end of every month. We highly recommend our community follow the technology progress of the project.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — March 2021 | Medium
BTP: ICON x Polkadot and Working Group
BTP is ICON’s interoperability technology that bridges the ICON Network to other blockchains. We first announced the launch of BTP Working Group - Edgeware, ICONDAO, and Web3 Labs - where its sole purpose is to fulfill ICON’s vision of becoming a blockchain of blockchains and an aggregator chain. Also, we announced that our first integration will be with Polkadot via integration support from Polkadot Parachains - Edgeware, Plasm, Moonbeam, and Acala.
Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) Working Group Update: ICON Joins Forces with the Polkadot Ecosystem
ICON’s main vision is to ‘Hyperconnect the World’. In other words, ICON is to become an AGGREGATOR CHAIN. We published a couple of blog posts outlining what this means and how BTP is designed to accomplish this vision.
The Blockchain of Blockchains: ICON as an Aggregator Chain
Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) Architecture, Economics, and Key Differentiators
Craft Network NFT Marketplace - Alpha Launched!
Craft is an NFT marketplace owned by the community that is powered by ICON. After months of hard work, the team has finally launched Testnet Alpha. Please go check it and support this project. Also, FOLLOW on Twitter.
Remember Craft Network will have a governance token and incentive economics.
Craft Network
🎉🎊 Craft Testnet Alpha is now live! 🎉🎊

Come create some cool NFTs!

Let us know what you think!

#ICONProject $ICX #Craft
Seoul Metro Government Issued Seoul Citizen Reporter Certification
SEOUL-ICONLOOP issued Blockchain-based Seoul citizen reporter Certification
On 7th April, Seoul metropolitan city issued a Seoul citizen reporter Certification based on ICON Network
On April 7th, ICONLOOP and Seoul Metropolitan Government began issuing Seoul Citizen Reporter Certification on the ICON public blockchain network using Zzeung mobile app. Such certification allows official reporting news on major policies, facilities, events, and daily life in Seoul.
ICONLOOP is continuing to onboard enterprises and governments to the ICON Network. Enterprise adoptions have been extremely challenging in the blockchain industry, but ICONLOOP team has been steadily paving the way.
Another milestone! Congrats and thank you @ICONLOOP1 team. Public blockchain use will continue to increase. One step at a time! 🦶🦶🦶
WalletX on Android Launched with INS
Another wallet? Yes, there are many wallets to choose from - ICONFi, MyICONWallet, BridgePay(to come) to name a few. But, we believe wallets serve as an entry point for consumers and there’s a wide spectrum of preferences. WalletX is a decentralized wallet that is quite different from ICONex and MyICONWallet.
For one, WalletX offers INS(ICON Name Service) where it replaces the long HX wallet address with a simple word or a phrase of your choice.
WalletX has been released on Android! :tada:

For iOS, we are experiencing some delays in getting approval from the App Store. We will keep you posted!

VIDEO: OMM Finance Preview
OMM Finance is an exciting DeFi project that will soon launch on ICON. Check out this video.
OMM Finance preview/overview - Cryptosetups Tutorial
OMM Finance preview/overview - Cryptosetups Tutorial
Exchange Listings: Coinone and Tokocrypto
ICON ($ICX) continues to be listed on various exchanges around the world. Today, $ICX is one of the most liquid digital assets in the world.
With Coinone Exchange listing, $ICX is now traded on the all top 3 exchanges in South Korea.
With Tokocrypto listing, $ICX is entering Indonesia, one of the largest and fastest growing economy in the world. We believe Southeast Asia is going to be massive for crypto industry in the near future.

#아이콘 $ICX 코인원에 상장됩니다.
Listing #ICON $ICX @CoinoneOfficial
KRW market.

입금: 2021.3.31 10:00(KST)
거래: 2021.3.31 12:00(KST)

자세히 보기(More details)
Hi Tokonauts!
Dengan bangga mengumumkan hadirnya token baru, @helloiconworld di platform Tokocrypto!
Deposit dan trading $ICX Token di akun sudah dapat dilakukan.

Selamat trading, #SalamToTheMoon

#newlisting #ICX
Video: New Hashoshi Interviews
Hashoshi has been a big supporter of the ICON project. Recently, he has interviewed Min Kim, the founder of the ICON Project. He also interviewed Scott Smiley, the founder of Balanced Network, which is expected to launch this month.
Be sure to follow and support Hashoshi.
ICON (ICX) crypto set for HUGE growth in 2021?! // Min Kim (Founder of ICON)
ICON (ICX) crypto set for HUGE growth in 2021?! // Min Kim (Founder of ICON)
ICON (ICX) DeFi begins with this UNDERRATED project!
ICON (ICX) DeFi begins with this UNDERRATED project!
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