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ICON Newsletter #44 - Binance Stakes Another 20M ICX

ICON Newsletter #44 - Binance Stakes Another 20M ICX
By ICON Newsletter • Issue #44 • View online
  • 67% of the circulating supply is staked vs. 54.8% at the June 2019. This increased from 62% just 2 weeks ago, which is largely due to new staking services launched on, Bithumb, and ICONFi.
  • Binance is now the #1 validator on the ICON Network with ~13% of the delegation after staking another 20 million ICX
  • The first Contribution Proposal System (CPS) proposals are in the voting stage. There are roughly 10 days left to get your vote in. Check out the progress here!
  • A peer to contract exchange protocol, Equality, is announced. Check out this new project and timeline here!
  • ICON joins consortium chain in Japan, Palette. Palette is focused on the NFT space and is looking to launch the country’s first IEO!
  • Paycoin partners with Union Pay and outlines $ICX integration timeline!
  • Seoul Metro Government and ICONLOOP announce implementation of contactless reservations for over 7,000 public services using loopchain, ICON’s core engine
Greetings ICONists,
The long-awaited beta version of the CPS has launched and is off to a fast start with 10 proposals and 33 registered P-Reps participating in the evaluation process. The voting period for the first batch of applicants lasts another 10 days, but we are very encouraged by the initial response, and participation. Make sure to stay up to date on the CPS here.

Been tracking CPS votes come in. I’m still in disbelief seeing how everything @helloiconworld envisioned years ago is finally coming together, piece by piece.

33 P-Reps making LT commitment to @IconRepublic. CPS is already attracting new builders.

The CPS is still in the early stages of its development, so if you have suggestions on the platform please be sure to share them with the IBriz team! The CPS will be a main contributor of funding and growth of our network over time so make sure to take a look and provide your feedback!
Overall, it is a huge step in the right direction for our network and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!
ICON team
Binance takes the top spot
Now with over 51 million $ICX staked, Binance is the top validator on the ICON Network. We believe this is a very strong indicator of support for our ecosystem and we look forward to their continued support.
If you’re new to the ICON ecosystem you can check out all the validators here.
Today @Binance staked another 20M $ICX and is now the number 1 Block Validator on the @helloiconworld!

67% of the Circulating Supply is now staked 🔒.

Something is brewing. Something, something up only 😉.
A new peer-to-contract protocol announced
Equality is a decentralized, non-custodial, peer-to-contract exchange protocol designed to trade assets that, assuming honest and secure conditions, should trade at approximately the same value.
The goal of Equality is to create an exchange that will allow users to trade similarly-priced assets — such as stablecoins — with low fees and slippage. The protocol will gather adequate liquidity by incentivizing liquidity providers (LPs) with a share of transaction fees. Additionally, the liquidity pools will be integrated with other ICON DeFi products such as OMM to provide additional yield for LPs.
This is another exciting project to keep an eye on. See the full release below:
Introducing Equality Exchange | Mar, 2021 | Medium
ICONLOOP <> Seoul Metro Government
BREAKING 🇰🇷: The Seoul Government, whose blockchain operator is ICONLOOP, has announced mass implementation of contactless online reservations for more than 7000 public services. This uses loopchain, the core blockchain engine of the @helloiconworld ICON network. $ICX /1
Yesterday, ICONLOOP and Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the mass implementation of contactless online reservations for more than 7,000 public services. Another HUGE win for the ICONLOOP team!
Markus put together a great tweet thread highlighting the news (above). These public services include sports facilities, cultural & educational programs, medical treatment at city hospitals & much more, all operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
ICONLOOP continues to showcase the strong ties to Seoul Metro and this announcement builds on its relationship with Seoul Metro from prior years.
CONGRATS to all involved!
In case you missed it!
@zensports is excited to announce today the closing of our new $2.4M Series A in funding! The new round of funding will be used to continue & complete our current US gaming license applications on file in Nevada & Tennessee & our Colorado partnership
Everstake ICON P-Rep
☑️@ICONDAO teases
☑️@icontrol_team soon to release WalletX
☑️@EQU_Exchange targets launch in Q3 or earlier
☑️@piconbello announces mainnet release for Tipicon
JUST IN: 🇰🇷 Korea Internet & Security Agency is on the verge of selecting the national provider of Corona vaccination blockchain certificates.

The race has narrowed down to the DID Alliance (ICONLOOP, SK Telecom, Coinplug, etc.) & the SK C&C Consortium (Yanolja, Lambda 256.) /1
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