ICON Newsletter #43 - Bithumb $ICX Staking + #AIRDRIP Coming Soon!





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ICON Newsletter #43 - Bithumb $ICX Staking + #AIRDRIP Coming Soon!
By ICON Newsletter • Issue #43 • View online
Key Highlights:
  • 62% of the circulating supply remains staked vs. 54.8% at the June 2019. It is also important to note that this increased significantly from 57% from just 2 weeks ago, which is largely due to new staking services launched on Binance.com, Bithumb, and ICONFi.
  • New ICX Balance Wallets continues to outpace New ICX Supply at roughly 1% vs. 0.1%. We believe this is a healthy indicator on the network’s token economics and relative demand for $ICX.
  • Bithumb Exchange announced $ICX Staking Services along with $SRT token airdrop.
  • Contribution Proposal System (CPS) officially goes LIVE! This is an exciting milestone for the ICON Network.
  • ICON Foundation announces 500,000 ICX Security Audit Fund to safeguard the ICON Network and Community.
  • Gemini Exchange selects ICON project into its Cryptopedia launch.
  • Balanced Network announces #AIRDRIP Program for the ICON Community.
  • ICONFi states that it’ll support Token Swap in real-time in March 2021.
  • DanalPay announces BTC, ETH, and ICX integration to Paycoin App.
Dear ICONists,
The crypto bull market is in full swing. Many of you are probably refreshing Coingecko or Blockfolio multiple times per day. The emotional rollercoaster may be tough for some people, especially those who are new to the industry. Let us try to give some comfort for $ICX.
Crypto is very immature industry. Some call it the “Wild Wild West” and we don’t disagree with that. It may take years for projects to turn their vision to reality or the reality is that some of these projects fail. Thousands of projects have disappeared in the past 3 years. But, $ICX is still here and thriving. New projects have come into existence and garner attention. But, $ICX has a history of resilience.
There are many exciting things happening for the ICON project - Enterprise, DeFi, NFT, etc. However, we believe the most important THING we must do is make sure $ICX exists not just for the next 5 or 10 years but for generations. And, this is accomplished by building a strong foundation with community, token incentives, governance structure, and culture.
We continue to emphasize that the ICON team is building for the long term. Contribution Proposal System (CPS) is a key piece to building a sustainability blockchain network. And, now with CPS launched, the ICON community can find comfort in that, unlike many crypto that fail every day, $ICX is better positioned for the future than ever before.
Thank you,
The ICON Team

Tech Roadmap Update
Scott Smiley
Still grinding. Still shipping. Three years with @minhokim growing the #ICONProject and looking forward to many more 💪🏼 https://t.co/FbF9VhMRYL
We’re in it for the tech, right? The ICON Team absolutely is. We’re still grinding. We’re still shipping.
Check out our full Tech Roadmap Update via link below.
ICON Roadmap Update | by ICON Foundation | Feb. 28, 2021
Bithumb Exchange begins $ICX Staking + Airdrops $SRT Tokens
THE EXCHANGES ARE COMING! THE EXCHANGES ARE COMING! A couple of weeks ago, Binance.com launched $ICX Staking Service to its users. Now, Bithumb Exchange has followed suit.
We believe staking services offered by crypto exchanges are overall a positive trend as they are comfortable and confident in $ICX’s progress and long-term vision. In addition, more staking secures the ICON Network and limits $ICX real circulating supply. We estimate that only 25% of $ICX Total Supply is currently circulating.
[Event] New ICX Staking Service and SeeRealToken(SRT) Airdrop Event | The Bithumb Blog | Feb. 25, 2021 | Medium
Contribution Proposal System (CPS) is officially launched
ICON Foundation
Today we are excited to officially launch the CPS, our community-owned grant funding system. 💸

Submit your ideas to grow the $ICX ecosystem here and, if approved, receive funding for your initiatives! 🦄

#ICONProject 🚀

CPS is a huge milestone for the ICON Network. ICON Community Grant Program has proven over the past year that we can successfully reinvest new $ICX supply and create value for the ecosystem and $ICX. CPS is an extension of this effort.
As Min has pointed out, the ultimate goal for CPS is to create a SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEM. He wrote:
Crypto industry continues to undervalue this aspect. CPS allows ICON network to continue building into the future. the Foundation will be here for years, but ICON can also self-fund itself. That’s POWERFUL.
In short: $ICX will live forever. $ICX to infinity and beyond.
Not many crypto can say this. Now, where would you put your $$$? Something that’s sustainable or can disappear tomorrow?
Read the full Tweetstorm by Min Kim.
It was a wonderful opportunity to develop CPS for ICON.
🚀P-Reps can register themselves in the platform. Any Top 100 P-Rep can register themselves
🚀 Others can submit the proposal and select one of the sponsor P-Rep.

Visit: https://t.co/0bawZvExn6
$ICX #icx #ICONProject https://t.co/PsC7w89LUx
ICON Foundation announces Security Audit Fund
The ICON Foundation announced that we are committing 500,000 $ICX to cover smart contract audits in an effort to protect our community from smart contract vulnerabilities and to foster an atmosphere of both security and innovation. We want to ensure that innovation is not stifled and security is not sacrificed because of costly smart contract audits.
ICON Foundation
We are very excited to announce a new audit fund focused on securing ICON's growing ecosystem. 💸

Projects launching on $ICX now have access to a ~$1mm fund dedicated to security audits for their respective projects. 🛠️

Let's BUILD 🤝

ICON selected for Gemini's Cryptopedia Launch
ICON ($ICX) was selected into Gemini Cryptopedia’s initial launch batch of 34 cryptocurrencies. We believe crypto education is extremely important in building a sustainable industry. We’re obviously very excited to be a part of this initiative.
Want to not only understand #crypto but become a true pro? #Cryptopedia has entered the chat😉

Cryptopedia is a free one-stop shop for crypto education.

❗️200+ articles
❗️100+ topics
❗️Notable industry experts

Start learning today: https://t.co/q6f3oD3dof
Balanced Network announces #AIRDRIP Program for the ICON Community
Balanced DAO team has partnered with the ICON Foundation to support the new #AIRDRIP program for the ICON Community. Basically, $ICX Stakers will be qualified to receive an airdrop of $BALN tokens on a weekly basis.
We believe #AIRDRIP is a great way to constantly reward repeat users of the Balanced Network or other dApp on the ICON Network. We believe this innovative approach will
For full details, please read the announcement.
Balanced is excited to announce the ICON Community Airdrip program 💧💧

In collaboration with @helloiconworld, we're making sure that all $ICX holders have the chance to benefit from Balanced, read more below:

Many people have been asking if ICONFi, Binance.com, and other exchanges with staking services will be supporting the #AIRDRIP. For now, ICONFi has agreed to support. Our team has notified others, but haven’t received any confirmation as of today.
The answer is YES. We’ll support $BALN. We’ll provide more details in the future. Thank you. https://t.co/JKEEqvxyH5
ICONFi to support Token Swap in real-time in March
While at it, ICONFi team has also agreed to support the ongoing Token Swap from ERC20 version of $ICX to the native token. Currently, the wait is up to 3 months because we’ve started phasing out the process. But soon, anyone who forgot to do the token swap can do it in real-time through ICONFi. Cheers!
Dear Procrastinators 🦥

If you're still holding ERC20 $ICX from 3yrs ago, @ICONFiWorld team agreed to support token swap starting mid-March. So sit tight. Meanwhile, download https://t.co/b3AiBS47eK and pass KYC to speed up the process.
DanalPay announces BTC, ETH, and ICX integration to Paycoin
Last year, Danal Fintech announced that it will be join the ICON Network as a P-Rep and plan on integrating $ICX into it Paycoin app. Recently, the company reiterated its commitment on this integration while announcing that it plans to add $BTC and $ETH as well.
Bridge Pay successfully mints USDb
Bridge Pay continues to tease the community with its progress, most recently showing that USDb has been successfully minted on the app. Are you ready for mass adoption?
Scott Smiley
Progress... the first Bridge Dollars ($USDb) have been minted on main net. Bridge is coming, and with it, a new wave of #DeFi users 🔥🔥

$ICX #ICONProject https://t.co/15LSXP08Q5
ICONREPUBLIC.org teases our a new website look
Markus Jun has teased out the latest update on ICONREPUBLIC.org website. All we can say is that the website is looking pretty siiick.
2nd round of sneak peeks regarding @ICONRepublic.

We're continually improving/evolving it, you may notice design elements (and price) have already changed a lot since the last preview.

We want perfection for a billion dollar network. @Helloiconworld $ICX. Launching in March. https://t.co/AaXkdc2by8
Markus Jun Interviewed by Crowdfund Insider
Markus Jun continues to show that he’s a huge asset to the ICON Network. He shares his thoughts on the ICON project with Crowdfund Insider.
Read the full article by clicking the link below.
Markus Jun: Founder of ICON Hyperconnect Public Representative Shares Latest Insights from South Korea Crypto and Blockchain Sector
COMING SOON: AMA w/ Ricky Dodds and Scott Smiley
You don’t want to miss this one. Ricky and Scott are going to be answering you top questions this coming week.
ICON Foundation
#ICON is proud to 📣 an AMA w/ @RickyLeeDodds & @benny_options on the ICON Project TG (https://t.co/z9MehLORO3) 🔥🥳
⏰ March 4, 6PM EST
🎁 $500 worth of $ICX tokens for best q's on Twitter & TG
👉 Follow @helloiconworld & ICONProject on TG
👉 Post Twitter q's on this thread https://t.co/vnsAzMZ9b2
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