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ICON Newsletter #42 - $ICX Staking on Binance & Hints Galore

ICON Newsletter
ICON Newsletter #42 - $ICX Staking on Binance & Hints Galore
By ICON Newsletter • Issue #42 • View online
Key Highlights:
Dear ICON community -
I believe it was Michael Jordan who said, “Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”
This quote got me thinking. Do we have enough of the “others” in our community to ‘make it happen’? I believe so, but this is something I’d like the community to think about as you interact with $ICX and the ICON ecosystem. And specifically, think about it as we roll out the Contribution Proposal System (CPS) which is designed to reward these ‘others’ that will make it happen.
As you all know, we believe the CPS will greatly impact the activity within the ecosystem and drive faster growth and adoption of the network. But this is a novel governance and funding platform that will play out in real-time. We’ll learn more as we go. 
It’s never been a better time to join the $ICX network and get excited about the future. 
Until next time, here’s an important and not too subtle reminder to keep calm and stake ICON!
Thank you,
The ICON Team

Binance joins the Ecosystem as P-Rep
It’s always exciting and encouraging to see another P-Rep join our ecosystem. But this one generates even more excitement given the weight they carry in the industry. We’re so glad to have them onboard and look forward to continued collaboration in the future. Onwards and upwards!
ICONFi is off to a FAST start
Last week, the app crossed over $10 million in AUM in just a few days post launch (over $15M as of today). Now, the app is adding support for $USDC (based on customer feedback). Check out this earn product and continue to make your crypto work for you!
📢 Now Supports USD Coin (USDC) Stablecoin
By Popular demand - USDC is now available for Earn products! Enjoy the peace of mind of the fully audited and transparent USDC. 🚀
If you’re interested in getting started, here is a good video from ICON Pinas!
ICON Pinas
Helping us to promote ICONFi on our TikTok page, thank you so much to community member @arietris 💪


#MakeCryptoSimple #ICONFi #ICONProject $ICX 🚀
ICONPLUS continues to expand ICON's reach
The ICONPLUS team has been a great addition to the $ICX ecosystem helping to expand ICON’s reach across numerous channels including Twitter, Youtube and TikTok. Recently they’ve partnered with Hashoshi to talk $ICX at Coffee over Crypto!
We’re really excited to see where this goes and look forward to sharing these updates as they come. Check out the first episode below :)
Eth 2.0 Explained, Algorand, Razor Network, & more // Crypto Over Coffee ep.53
Eth 2.0 Explained, Algorand, Razor Network, & more // Crypto Over Coffee ep.53
ICON Republic is getting a redesign
The ICON Hyperconnect team has been hard at work redesiging the new ICON Republic website which will be the go-to resource for new and long standing $ICX community members. Check out the preview of the new designs below. Amazing!
A few sneak peeks of the redesign of @ICONRepublic.

We wanted it to reflect the bleeding edge tech of @Helloiconworld ICON's upcoming 2.0 launch.

Also preparing a separate/new ICON app, more details on that soon. $ICX.
NFTs are heating up & $ICX is involved
Project Nebula continues to gain traction and we expect even more traction as Craft.Network launches soon. Check out the latest here:
Received this beautiful physical piece for my Mythic planet Avastus in first NFT game - @ProjectNebula_ on @helloiconworld $icx blockchain. Gorgeous! My space journey. $ICX started to moon right in time, lift off coincides with PB's Beta launch in a couple of weeks! | ICON P-Rep (ex Sharpn)
👋 Hello ICONists!

We know you can't wait to see more about Craft, the $ICX powered NFT marketplace 😉 We'll show a lot about it soon!

NFTs are getting a lot of traction, we'll seize this opportunity😎

🔥👉 Vote for Staky PRep if you'd like to see more NFT projects on $ICX
Accelerating Ecosystem Diversity
We are excited to announce that the Reliant Node P-Rep team is enhancing MyIconWallet with the support of the ICON Foundation. MyIconWallet will be the recommended wallet for the ICON Community. ICONex will still be available for download, but due to the duplicate purpose with ICONex, we decided to phase out support.
This is one more step toward community empowerment and decentralization. Ultimately, we believe deeper involvement by various teams in maintaining key pieces of the ICON Ecosystem will make our network more valuable. Check out the full details here:
Accelerating Ecosystem Diversification | by ICON Foundation
Other ecosystem highlights
Transcranial Solutions || P-Rep for ICON (ICX)
Here's a step-by-step guide to get your Windows PC setup for a novice developer on ICON Network.

$ICX #ICONProject
You can't wait to develop Java SCOREs and experiment with goloop, the ICON 2.0 engine ?

Here's a guide about how to run goloop + the Java Execution Engine locally, without Docker ☕
Corey Costa-Catena-First ICON Ambassador
The ICX Podcast: A Blockchain Paradigm Shift: With Blockchain Brad my podcast with @Brad_Laurie is released! We discuss ICON 2.0, staking rewards, DeFi on $icx, P-Reps, BTP, D’apps, ICON’s involvement with the South Korean government and more! #ICONproject
Scott Smiley
Despite all the excitement with @BalancedDAO and @ommfinance, I must admit I'm most excited about BTP. So much happening behind the scenes.

@helloiconworld is going to hyper-connect the world, it will be the rails of the future of finance, I have no doubt.

CoinMarketCal Bot
🆕 New ICON $ICX event!

31 March 2021 (or earlier)
Balanced DeFi Launch

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