ICON Newsletter #41 - Tech Update + ICONFi Launch + Catena.one Accelerator





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ICON Newsletter #41 - Tech Update + ICONFi Launch + Catena.one Accelerator
By ICON Newsletter • Issue #41 • View online
Key Highlights:
  • 58.5% of the circulating supply remains staked vs. 54.8% at the June 2019
  • $ICX Trading volume has been recently strong recording close to $750M in the past week
  • January 2021 Tech Roadmap Update is up on our Medium blog
  • ICONFi is now available for download in the iOS App Store
  • (P)eter-Rep launches Catena.one ICON Accelerator
  • ICONbet launches DAOplinko
  • ZenSports expands to Colorado with a new deal
  • ICONPLUS team releases an infographic for Bridge
  • Prediction for a Security Tokens comeback in 2021
  • Monthly AMAs on the horizon? Provide feedback here and let’s make it happen!
Dear ICONists,
We’d like to ask our community to encourage other ICONists to subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter and Medium page. We share a wealth of information about the project through these channels. Unfortunately, we believe less than one-fifth of the subscribers follow these updates. Of course, the numbers are much lower if non-subscribers are accounted for. This is why we’d appreciate your help in getting the word out.
The ICON Foundation is committed to providing the latest, most accurate information. As you may be aware, this does not mean that we can share everything. For example, ICONLOOP is a technology provider to its enterprise clients; therefore, the clients are in control of information. In addition, the ICON Foundation has signed NDAs with many partners. We’d like to ask for your patience and understanding.
We care deeply about our community. We believe we’ve built one of the best crypto communities today as evidenced by our records such as LunarCrush Galaxy Score. We have every intention to improve on what we’ve accomplished.

Tech Roadmap Update
We provide a Tech Roadmap Update at the end of every month. We’ve again made meaningful progress in Jan including:
  • Rosetta completed
  • Cross-chain Bridges/EVM Compatibility Progress
  • CPS (Launching Soon)
  • ICON 2.0 Alphanet Update
For more detail, please read our blog post.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — January 2021 | by ICON Foundation
ICONFi is available for download in iOS App Store
What do you know?

ICONFi is now available for download on the iOS App Store. We want to ask you for one thing...


https://t.co/7VklAskaQ2 https://t.co/Pl65uzB5of
ICONFi iOS version is finally here! Please download in iOS App Store and give it a 5-star rating. I’m sure the ICONFi team would appreciate it.
We are told that the team is still waiting for the final app store approval for the Android version. So, this should be out very very soon.
There’s a lot of questions floating around. ICONFi’s primary goal for v1 was to make it SUPER EASY to earn ICX Staking Rewards and interest on other major cryptocurrencies. Please remember that ICONFi has big plans and will continue to add new features. We can only wait and see what’s next.
@minhokim @ICONFiWorld First version of ICONFi is brilliant to get ICX off exchanges for those that want to earn staking rewards, but are afraid to manage their own private keys, further draining ICX liquidity from exchanges.

Second step, imo, is to attract new Iconists via direct fiat to ICX gateway.
ICYMI, please read ICONFi’s original announcement post. Again, it clearly states that the goal is to “make crypto simple for beginners to create a more inclusive and diverse ICON community.” The post lists out 4 main features for this version:
  1. Simple Staking for Rewards
  2. Auto ICX Claiming and Re-staking for More Rewards
  3. Support ICON Partners to Support ICON
  4. Earn/Staking Support for Additional Tokens
For more details, please read the full post by clicking below.
Introducing ICONFi — A New Crypto Staking and Earn Service | by ICONFi
(P)eter-Rep launches Catena.one ICON Accelerator
Peter Saddington is on the move already. He has launched Catena.one, the ICON network’s ‘ultimate accelerator’. The website boldly states that they “build the bridges to interoperate with multiple cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and communities.” Also, they “increase ICX” presence throughout the digital and real world, as well as attract developers from different ecosystems.
Catena.one joins the list of ICON accelerators after ICX Station and ICON Hyperconnect. Will Catena.one help further accelerate the growth of the ICON Ecosystem? We’re looking forward to this.
𝙋𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙎𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙩𝙤𝙣
The History of #Icon - 2017-2021 can be summarized up into 3 words:
- interoperability
- decentralized marketplaces
- meta-networks

In 2021, we now have https://t.co/5O8GpBbEfx - The solution to scale #ICX to the next level of greatness. Join us, stake with us, win with us! https://t.co/uApZZbNHpC
ICONbet launches DAOplinko
ICONbet, a DAO casino on ICON, launched a new game DAOplinko. DAOplinko is a blockchain version of a popular game in Japan called Pachinko (a $300 billion market!!!). Perhaps the best comparison would be a slot machine.
Congratulations to the ICONbet community! Now, there are a total of 8 games on ICONbet.
Remember to follow the local law and regulation. Also, please play responsibility.
ZenSports expands to Colorado with a new deal
It’s not only ICONbet with some good news. ZenSports, a sports bet dApp on ICON, is continuing to expand in the US. According to the ZenSports’ blog post, “Through a deal signed with Boulter Developments LLC, we will become the exclusive online sports betting skin partner of the new casino to be opened up by Steve Boulter later in 2021. This deal will remain exclusive for the next 15 years.”
Congratulations to Mark Thomas and the ZenSports team! This is some exciting news.
ZenSports Sign Exclusive Skin Deal with Boulter Developments For Colorado Expansion!

We will become the exclusive online sports betting skin partner of the new casino to be opened up by Steve Boulter later in 2021.


#Expansion #Colorado #SportsBetting
Bridge is looking like a winner!
Scott Smiley
Many ask how @BalancedDAO and @ommfinance will be able to take users from ETH ecosystem, but that market is tiny. A better question is how will we grow the pie, how will we take users from traditional banking. Bridge is the answer

$ICX #ICONProject https://t.co/lwbGD1hkPj
That’s right! DeFi is great, but still difficult for non-crypto users. There’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY.
The Bridge team has been working hard to create seamless fiat-to-crypto DeFi onboarding experience. No chrome extension. No private key storage. No need to buy crypto on exchanges.
How do you convert a million new users to DeFi?

By making it easy to convert Crypto to fiat and vice versa!

Bridge creates a seamless UX for $ICX DApps & hides everything Blockchain related.

Non-Crypto users don't care about underlying Tech.

All they want is the best UX! 👏 https://t.co/blw1OLev0N
And, slowly but surely, the community members are beginning to understand how all of various pieces (Bridge, BalancedDAO, and Omm) all fit together.
$ICX is positioning itself to takeover the entire #DeFi and #DEX space, including $UNI

#ICON has already completed Bridge, which allows people to directly deposit FIAT on the backend.

Currently the frontend is being developed (@BalancedDAO) and should be released this Q1. https://t.co/vKttxduQu7
Security Tokens to make a comeback in 2021
ICON’s Min Kim and Ricky Dodds co-authored an article on security tokens. In 2018, the crypto market overestimated the impact of security tokens. 3 years later, Min and Ricky predict that security tokens will make a comeback in 2021 because:
  1. The digital asset market grows up
  2. Regulators start making sense of Security Tokens
  3. Security Tokens and DeFi to converge
For more details, please click below to read the original article.
Why Security Tokens will have a greater impact in 2021 | Brave New Coin
Monthly AMA with Ricky Dodds
We’ve mentioned this in our last newsletter but wanted remind our community. The ICON Foundation is bringing back monthly AMA to address your questions.
Bringing Back Monthly AMA initiative
👀AMA with @helloiconworld is coming👀

It will take place on YouTube. Send us your best questions and win a reward from the prize pool of 500 $ICX: https://t.co/N6rxK9nUte

The date of the AMA will be announced soon. Stay tuned! https://t.co/whPhvv0frD
ICON in Media
ICON expands its DeFi Ecosystem through Orbit Bridge integration, bringing many ETH assets to ICON!
ICON expands its DeFi Ecosystem through Orbit Bridge integration, bringing many ETH assets to ICON!
VegaX Holdings 🚀🌌
How does @helloiconworld think about the #future of #Crypto Investments & the #Digital Asset industry? Join us for the 1st event in 2021 feat. Founder of #ICON @minhokim🔥 In partnership w/ @Chinaccelerator💪🏼
💡Register to Access
🎯Jan 28 - 6 PM KT
https://t.co/nPCUhi6h6j $ICX https://t.co/BIDWVvzSAr
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